Who Is Riley? In The Last Of Us, Does Riley Die?

Who Is Riley? In The Last Of Us, Does Riley Die?

Episode seven of HBO’s The Last of Us gave fans a break from the show’s main plot. Even though there were still some scenes of Joel & Ellie in their original timeline, the most recent showing of the adaptation was mostly about Ellie and Riley’s friendship. Because Riley has never been shown before, some audiences may not know about her.

The Last of Us, the HBO show based on the game of the same name, is always introducing additional characters for viewers to meet. Riley, Ellie’s best friend, is one of these characters. So, if you’re wondering who plays Riley on HBO’s The Last of Us and why she looks familiar, you’re in luck because Twin-finite has the answer right here.

Who Is Riley in HBO’s Show The Last Of Us?

Riley is Ellie’s best friend and the person she talks to most during her time in the Boston quarantine zone. Even though this is the only time we’ve seen her in the show, we can tell from how they talk to each other that they’ve been there for each other for a long time before what happens in episode seven.

It’s also clear that Riley mostly kept bullies like Bethany away from Ellie by fighting them perhaps and hurting them badly.

Riley was Ellie’s roommate and best friend at the fedra school in the Boston QZ when she was the show’s main character, Ellie. Before the events of The Last of Us happened, Riley had left Fedra to join Firefly because she didn’t agree with their rules.

Then, Ellie’s best friend shows up to give her former roommate a great night, since it would be the last time they saw each other because the Fireflies wanted to send Riley to another city.

In The Last Of Us, Who Plays Riley?

Storm Reid, an actress whose star has been on the rise for a while, plays Riley on The Last of Us on HBO. Some people may know Reid from her roles in A Wrinkle in Time, The Invisible Man, as Well as the Suicide Squad.

However, anyone who watches the hit HBO show Euphoria will definitely recognize her as Gia, the sister of Rue, who is played by Zendaya. Not to mention that Storm was also the main character in the movie Missing, which came out at the start of 2023.

Who Is Riley In The Game?

Riley is also Ellie’s closest buddy in the game. Before she met Joel, Riley was the only person she had a real connection with. We can see and learn more about her story, though, through the The Last of Us, American Dreams comic book series, which shows a lot more of their story.

Riley seems to have been born in 2016, and she as well as her family, like a lot of other people, were affected by the pandemic. During the beginning of it, her father got a brain infection from Cordyceps, which made him kill his wife. Riley had to kill her father, too, in order to protect herself, which was sad.

In Last Of Us Show, How Does Riley Die?

We knew that Ellie and Riley would be at the center of a very sad story in The Last of Us season 1 episode 7. We gained valuable knowledge about these two main characters, and the story ended with a tragedy.

Episode 7 of the HBO show The Last of Us is very similar to the Left Behind DLC for the game The Last of Us. Riley comes into Ellie’s room late at night and takes her to the Boston QZ mall, which is supposed to be locked. There, she tells Ellie that the mall still has power and shows her things that neither of them has seen before in this world after the end of the world.

Riley’s death is a major turning point in Ellie’s life, and it has a big impact on who she becomes in the future. Even though Riley didn’t tell her everything she knew about the Fireflies, she did set up this great last night before she left. It was a short period of innocence and peace, and fans of the old Mortal Kombat II arcade game will find some real fun here.

Riley is a very important person in Ellie’s life, and “Left Behind” is a very clear title. While they wait to become monsters together, Ellie’s turn never comes.

Riley is not seen dead in either the game or the show, but it is implied that she turned while they were waiting and Ellie did not. As her best friend as well as love interest gets sick, she is literally left behind, which is just as heartbreaking to see in the show as it is in the game.

How Does Riley Die In The Last Of Us Game?

Riley does end up dying in the video game series The Last of Us. Ellie’s close friend. Their story is told in The Last of Us: Left Behind, which shows how the two of them end up in a mall full of infected people, which they didn’t know.

When the Runners attack, both Ellie as well as Riley fight back and win, killing all of the attackers. Sad to say, they both find out that the infected bit them, which makes them promise to spend the rest of their time together.

This is when Ellie finds out she is immune to the cordyceps virus because she doesn’t die or change even though she gets bit. Even though we don’t know exactly what happens to Riley in the hours after she is bitten, we do know that she dies from the infection.


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