Which Team Should You Join Team Cece Or Team Reede? In The Book Tears Of The Kingdom

Which Team Should You Join Team Cece Or Team Reede? In The Book Tears Of The Kingdom:

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the Team Cece as well as Team Reede quest takes place in Hateno Village. You have to give Hylian mushrooms to Reede’s followers to try to get them on Cece’s side.

Unfortunately, because Hateno is so big and people move around a lot, it’s impossible to figure out where to look for those fans. Within Tears of the Kingdom, once you find Hateno Village and talk to the sassy Cece, get ready for a lot of political drama.

The game puts you in a situation with two sides. Do you stand with Reede, the prudent old guardian who has been in charge, or with Cece, the energetic newbie who is giving the town a new look?

The real question was which mayor can offer you the most benefits and perks. Don’t bother trying to save the world; it’s time to fix an election.

This is a rare task in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom that doesn’t require you to go far or fight. Instead, you’ll talk to a lot of individuals, keep an eye upon the time, and make sure you can tell the difference between Cece voters and Reede supporters.

At first, it’s not too hard to do, since Reede voters aren’t going to be worn any Cece clothes with mushrooms on them.

But it gets harder once you’ve found the most clear ones and have to look all over the village for the rest. If you’re having trouble finding all eight people to give mushrooms to, our guide to Team Cece as well as Team Reede will show you where to look.

How To Begin Team Cece As Well As Team Reede:

Cece’s team or Reede’s? is a side quest in The Old Kingdom that must be done to finish the mayoral election task path in Hateno Village.

Go to the armor shop within Hateno Village and talk to the people waiting outside to start the quest. You’ll be asked to come inside to talk to Cece, but Reede, the present mayor of Hateno Village, will soon come in and cut you off.

Which One Should You Pick Cece Or Reede?

No matter who you want to vote for, you can only choose one option to move the story forward. Choosing “A Reede Voter” will show you all of Cece’s anger.

You almost have to leave her shop, too, but her sister won’t let you. So, even though you think you have a choice, you’ll only be able to choose “A Cece Voter.”

If you choose this choice, you’ll be sent on a different quest to get Reede voters to switch to Cece voters, but first you’ll have to find some dirt on each of them.

There aren’t that many changes between them after all. But you should know that regardless of what you choose, you will be trapped with one choice over the other. It doesn’t sound like real diplomacy, does it?

Make sure to stop by the Hateno Pasture while you’re here. It’s a nice place to take a break from your quest to save Hyrule and enjoy the scenery.

Tears of the Kingdom has yet again put the major story upon the back burner in favor of giving us a lot to do. Check out the part below on Tears of the Kingdom for more help on your trip.

We’ve talked about a lot of the game so far, but there’s always more to learn that you might not have known. The Princess can wait. Before I can even think about helping her, I need to obtain my hands onto the Fierce Diety Armor set.


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