Which fast charger to choose for your iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus and other Android smartphones

Fast charging technologies have evolved a lot in recent years and can be found in almost all smartphones. However, the standards are not always the same depending on the manufacturer: iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, Sony, etc. In this file, we will see which fast charger is suitable for which brand in order to avoid a choice that could be compromising for the battery.

Fast charger

It is the fear of all smartphone owners: to run out of battery and have to wait a long time before getting a full charge again. Fortunately, in recent years, there has been a solution to this recurring problem. From now on, it is indeed possible to opt for fast charging which is available on most flagships. This allows you to boost the battery of your device in a short time. Namely on average: 50% autonomy in barely 30 minutes (or much less depending on the chargers).

Obviously, for a better efficiency of the fast recharge on your phone, better to choose a suitable charger. Currently, smartphones are generally compatible with Qualcomm’s USB Power Delivery and Quick Charge standards, with charging using a USB-C cable. However, there are other technologies (Fast Charge, Warp Charge, etc.) offered by different manufacturers. So much so that it is difficult to navigate.

To clarify all this, we have written this file where we indicate the fast charger best suited to your model of your smartphone. Note that the charging power is indicated in watts (W). The more important it is, the more the speed will be increased. Released in 2020, the Quick Charge 5 offers, for example, a power of 100 W.

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Which fast charger for your iPhone?

Apple fast charger

Since the iPhone X and iPhone 8, Apple smartphones are compatible with fast charging. It is also necessary to have a charger in your possession, the iPhones are now sold without a charger. All the more reason to opt for fast charging! You can therefore opt for an Apple USB-C 30 W power adapter at 55 euros. The latter works with a USB-C to Apple Lightning cable.

There is also a less expensive solution: the 30W Anker Power Delivery compatible charger that works great with iPhones. This costs 26 euros, or half the price of the solution offered by Apple.

Which fast charger for your Samsung?

Samsung fast charger

Since the Samsung Galaxy S6, the manufacturer’s smartphones work with fast charging. To benefit from it, you obviously need to get a compatible USB charger. Especially since in the future, Samsung plans to stop providing its smartphones with a mains charger. As the firm indicates on its site, fast charging will be efficient with an Adaptive Fast Charging charger, in-house technology from the brand derived from Quick Charge.

But this very practical feature also works on smartphones with a USB Power Delivery or Quick charge model. For example, we suggest that you set your sights on a two-port 39 W charger from Rampow (which promises 80% battery life in just 35 minutes).

Which fast charger for your OnePlus or Oppo?

Oppo fast chargerSmartphones designed by OnePlus and Oppo (its sister company) have their own fast charging solutions. In this case, it is respectively the Warp Charge and the Vooc Charge. As you will have understood, it is imperative to orient yourself towards these technologies to be able to charge your OnePlus and your Oppo at lightning speed. And for good reason, other chargers (Power Delivery, Quick Charge) are not supported.

The Warp Charge charger and the compatible cable are available for purchase on the OnePlus website. For an Oppo smartphone, you can get the right equipment via the links below:

Which fast charger for your Huawei or Honor?

Huawei fast charger

Huawei’s fast charging called SuperCharge is a modification of Quick Charge, like Samsung’s. It is the most recommended technology for quickly recharging a smartphone made by the two Chinese manufacturers. Note that cheaper Quick Charge chargers can also work with it. However, they will be less efficient than home equipment.

Which fast charger for Sony, Nokia, Xiaomi, HTC?

The Aukey rapid charger

They all offer basic Quick Charge fast charging, usually Quick Charge 3.0 with which almost all alternative fast chargers are compatible. If you own a Sony, Nokia, Xiaomi or HTC, you can thus opt for the fast chargers offered respectively by each manufacturer. But it is also possible to direct you to cheaper products like this:


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