Where To Find The Glider Within Tears Of The Kingdom And How To Get It

Where To Find The Glider Within Tears Of The Kingdom And How To Get It:

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, like its predecessor, shows Link’s new abilities in a small, isolated part of the game’s huge open world. Once you know how to make use of the new Zonai powers, you can jump to the top and begin exploring at your own pace.

But you should start the “To the Kingdom of Hyrule” questline right away if you want to get the paraglider and a way to start showing places on the map.

Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the paraglider serves as one of the most important things you need right after you leave the Great Sky Island.

Once the map opened up to you, getting a paraglider will make getting around the map much faster or keep you from taking too much damage from falling. But where does Link’s paraglider come from?

Within Tears of the Kingdom, it takes a little longer to unlock the paraglider than it did in the first game.

Before you can add the game to your collection, you’ll have to get through the beginning. Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, this method tells you how to get the paraglider.

How To Get Paraglider To Work:

Once you’ve stepped out of the lake below The Temple of Time, follow the yellow sign to Lookout Landing, a homemade fort where you can buy new gear, stock up on goods, and meet the locals.

Talk to Purah, the leader of Lookout Landing, at the task sign to finish “To the Kingdom of Hyrule” as well as start “Crisis at Hyrule Castle.”

This takes you to the edge of the house with the same name, where you’ll meet Captain Hoz as well as see more strange things happen. Go back to Purah and tell him about what you saw.

At this point, Purah will advise you to look around Lookout Landing although she gets ready for the next part of the quest. After coming to know the people in town and looking around the emergency center, go to the Skyview Tower upon the northwest corner of Lookout Landing.

During the talk that follows, Purah will demonstrate to you how to make use of the towers that are spread around Hyrule to show the matching areas on your map. She’ll also praise the Zonai for providing you the paraglider.

If you’ve played Breath of the Wild, you’re aware of the value the paraglider has become. In the game, you can scale almost any surface, but it was much harder to get back down before King Rhoam granted you the device.

The paraglider let you drop from any height as long as you opened it before landing. If you had enough energy, you could also cross ravines, chasms, as well as rivers in the hilly desert.

Within Tears of the Kingdom, the paraglider was even more important. It is therefore much easier to take dives from the many sky islands that float above Hyrule.

You don’t have to shoot for deep water when tumbling, so you can go into the Depths, a huge underground map that encompasses almost as much land as Hyrule.

When used with the Zonai skill Ascend, which lets you warp through walls beyond you, the paraglider will assist with exploring each tier of Tears of the Kingdom feel more natural.

How To Use A Paraglider:

For new players, flying the paraglider may seem a little tricky, but it will always be a little tricky as you play. When you’re in the air, you can open your glider by pressing X. If you want to go down, you can close the glider by pressing B or dive by pressing R.

While the paraglider opens, employ the left stick to decide which way you’re going and the right stick to alter which way the camera is looking.

How long you’re able to glide within the air depends on how well you can keep going. If you want to glide farther, you’ll need to increase your stamina. To do this, take 4 Light of Blessings to a goddess figure and trade them for a stamina tank.

When you’re within the air you’ll see that your energy wheels are nearly depleted, make sure to get closer to the ground or you’ll fall to your death If you’re running out of energy while flying, you can use the wing, which is a Zonai item that looks like a bird.

How Do I Change The Way The Paraglider Looks?

Within Tears of the Kingdom, you can change the look of your paraglider by going to Hateno Village and talking to Sayge in the dye shop. Choose “rework the paraglider” to change the way your glider looks. This will cost you 20 rupees.

Remember that you can only change the style of your paraglider to one that you’ve already earned. To get greater paraglider patterns, you may examine amiibos or finish certain goals or quests. Sayge can give you the “Photographing a Chuchu” side task, which is a good place to start.


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