Where To Find Gold In Wolfenstein 2?

Where To Find Gold In Wolfenstein 2?

Within Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus, there are 50 things made of gold. All of the gold spots are listed below in the order they appear in the rounds. We also put the places of the gold pieces in the guide, so you can find them as you follow it.

Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus has 50 gold figures, which are the most useless trinkets. They don’t do anything besides being hard to find souvenirs.

The gold things are by far the hardest to find on each map, so you probably won’t be able to find them without the help of the guide below.

Gold is a treasure that comes back from Wolfenstein The New Order. Gold was in that game as a nod to the original Wolfenstein 3D. You can find gold everywhere, and it gives you additional points.

Within the modern, non-arcade age, points didn’t really do much, just like these odd items don’t really do much. At least you are able to glance at them between tasks on a shelf within Club Kreisau.

Wolfenstein 2 is full of things to find and keep. There are 50 gold things that can be found in its levels, and you can get them all. Some of them can be found out of the way, in places that are hard to find.

This guide will try to give you a full explanation of where you’ll find every one of the gold things in each level, as well as a picture to give you an idea of where they are. The guide will guide you through each level as well as try to point you towards gold items.

Some of these can only be gotten if you load again into the places employing the Enigma Engine, therefore I waited until I finished the mission before I went back in to get them all.

Lastly, you can get two of them from a special place that you can only get to after killing all of the Uber commanders. If you’d like to get all of the gold, you should do that part first.

List Of Every Location For Gold:


Gold No.

Exact Location


1 On the ruined pier at the very start of the side-mission / main mission, look for a partially sunk cargo container to the right. The gold is found under the water, in the bottom-left corner of the container.
2 To the left of the same pier, there’s a crashed airplane in the water. Look inside the cargo container in the water behind the plane.
3 On the ruined street, enter the far-left tunnel under the concrete wreckage. There’s a tight passage with a crashed vehicle on the right looking near the truck’s cab to get this gold.
4 Drop down to the ruined bottom floor of the first interior building. In the ruined basement, there’s a narrow shaft with two ladders. Just to the right of the ladders, you’ll find this gold.
5 From the third floor fire escape, take the stairs up to the fourth floor and drop down into the room below. To the right, there’s a small table with a star-card. To the left, look underneath the bed frame to find a gold collectible.
6 In the Police Station, go to the second floor and drop down to the destroyed floor on the first. Be careful, don’t drop into the basement. From the first floor area, face the missing wall facing the street and look in a desk to the right.
7 Enter the tall building at the end of the harbor district section, where an uber commander / commander is lurking to the left of a massive Nazi APC. From the entrance door, go to the left to find this gold trinket next to a door filled with rubble.


8 In the first terminal of the side-mission, enter the subway train to the right. At the very end, in the rubble blocking the tunnel, you’ll find gold through the open car door.
9 At the last terminal area with the uber commander, look on the track in front of the old train car, on the left side.


10 Directly to the right and below the elevator exit / starting spot while exploring the Ruins District side-mission. When facing the elevator doors, turn right and drop down. The gold is located in the rubble.
11 Enter the left-most interior opposite the skyscraper’s ruined bottom floor. From the entrance, enter the dark alcove to the left to find this tricky hidden gold.
12 Crawl through the ruined building with the collapsed floors across from the skyscraper. Through the bedroom, go down the hall to the left to find gold in the corner before taking the stairs up.
13 Found in the subway terminal where the uber commander is stationed, behind the massive robot. At the base of the steps, on the right, there’s a gold item.


14 On a wall-mounted shelf, above the oven in the kitchen area.

Nuclear Bunker

15 Outside the half-circle control room, on a desk in the lower area, near the central steps. There’s a desk with a small open drawer.
16 Use the elevator on the side-mission map, and you’ll enter a chamber with four large walls that flip open and closed. Through the first wall, go into the room on the right. In the dark corner to the right.
17 Exit the room with the opening / closing walls. In the following room, you’ll find a yellow forklift. In the back-right corner of this room, the gold collectible is hidden behind a crate.
18 Use the Constrictor Harness to crawl under the cart and reach the final area of the sub-mission, where the uber commander is found. Go to the far back-right hallway and climb to the back of another cart to get a gold cat-monkey.


19 On the roof of the gas station, in the corner behind the vents. You can reach the roof with stilts, or jump from the crates on the Nazi truck in the back alley.
20 Inside the “Neumond” building. Go to the recording studio in the back room and look to the right of the mixing board.
21 Just as you enter the kitchen of the diner, look on the shelves to the left.
22 Enter Super Spesh’s basement lair to find more gold just to the left of the entrance door, on a tall shelving unit.


23 Just as you exit the hallways and enter the upper floor above the train terminal in the sub-mission, there should be covered freight to your left. Look behind the crates to find this gold trinket.
24 Enter the control room on the left when you enter the first train terminal. Go through the back room and into the hallway  straight across, there’s a pile of crates with the gold object hidden in the corner.
25 Go to the train car between the two terminals  on the upper level, enter the third door on the right. The gold is underneath the locker along the right wall.
26 Leaving the train car, you’ll enter the massive terminal with the uber commander. Drop out of the car, and stick to the right wall. There’s a large pile of crates near the train car you just exited with this gold piece.
27 All the way on the opposite side of the terminal from the train car you exited, go to the other closed car, and look behind the covered freight to the right. The gold is in a dark corner.
28 Go up to the area where the uber commander is stationed. Two officers  enter the right office to find this gold on the desk near the wall-mounted phones.


29 In the room to the left as you enter the barn. Inside the smaller room, look in the dark corner to your right.
30 Found in the pile of crates in the back-left corner as you enter the larger room of the farmhouse basement.


31 Go through the archway in the starting area. There’s a building straight ahead, enter the left-most door, and look behind the plywood to find this gold on a shelf.


32 Enter the basement under the building opposite Horton’s hideout. The gold is in a corner next to two green machines.
33 In the same opposite building, go back up to ground level and find the dark hallway that leads to stairs and a boarded up window facing a fire escape. Break through the boards and go up the fire escape. Up one more level, smash through the boarded-up doorway and grab the gold to the right of the large hole in the floor.
34 Go back out to the fire escape, and look straight ahead. There’s a small alley between two buildings, with an open doorway. Enter the homeless makeshift house here and turn right to get the gold on the ground.
35 Dive into the water near the Nazi wall at the end of the sub-mission. Look in the windows on the right side of the sunken green trolley / bus to find the gold.

Bienville Street

36 Enter the sewer tunnels. Before turning right, look in the alcove ahead to grab the first gold for this district.
37 Turn left at the donut shop, and continue down the road. Eventually, you’ll pass a vehicle with a fallen sign on top. Enter the building to the right, past the fallen sign. Hop over the barricade and search the pitch black room for gold. It’s tricky without any light.


38 Exit the starting sub-mission map building and turn left to face the destroyed street. Enter the torn-up road and turn left. On the left path, there’s a gold collectible.
39 Continue down the main street until you reach a fenced-in large house with curved stairs at the front. Go around the right side to find gold in the grassy corner.
40 Leaving the main street, you’ll need to enter a pipe and drop down into the underground. Before dropping down, grab the gold object at the end of the pipe.


41 Enter Hitler’s office in the main habitat area. Turn right as you enter and hop the ropes to find the gold object in the back-right corner.
42 Found on a table near the jukebox in the upper level of the hotel / living quarters area.


43 In the main control room of the Oberkommando, look under the console facing the central circle, where the globe was once located. Crouch down to grab it.
44 Still in the control room, go toward the exit door, then turn left. Go all the way to the red locked bulkhead to find the gold collectible near some tools.
45 Continue down the lift and down some stairs. To the right, you’ll find two hallways with glass enclosures  in the second room, break the glass to find a gold collectible inside one.
46 Entering the long hallway where the uber commander is located at the end of the district, enter the second door on the left. There’s a small office here with a gold item.


47 Enter the uber commander garage area at the bottom of the long ladder drop. Just as you enter the cavern-like garage, look behind the crates to your right.
48 Instead of entering the uber commander garage from the ladder drop, turn right and look along the right wall of the passage. The gold is near a bunch of carts full of rocks.


49 The area is very tricky to navigate and completely dark. To reach this gold trinket, keep going down until you reach a larger chamber with a patrolling Super Soldier. There are stairs going down to the left  look behind those stairs for a large gray locked door. Use stilts to climb through a hole in the ceiling above, then turn right. On the cart, there’s your first gold collectible.
50 The last gold is also hard to find. Continue down until you reach a large, empty chamber with patrolling dog robots and more Super Soldiers. Ahead, you’ll reach two open doors, enter the left door, then enter a large chamber with a red stripe on the wall. Enter the open door, and in the next hallway, you’ll find a vent to your left and a hall blocked with debris. Enter the vent, drop down, bull rush through the grating and use stilts to reach the upper area above the yellow door. That’s where the last gold collectible is found.


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