Where To Find And Meet The Requirements For The Cenotaph Mask Exotic Warlock Helmet In Destiny 2

Where To Find And Meet The Requirements For The Cenotaph Mask Exotic Warlock Helmet In Destiny 2:

Season of the Deep for Destiny 2 added one piece of unique gear for each piece. Warlocks will cheer when they see what the Cenotaph Mask mask does. This rare can make trace weapons better, and for Divinity users, it can even work like a small Actium War Rig.

Players who like running Divinity have one more tool to use, but guards who are tired of running Well may have additional players ask them to run the notorious Divinity job now that Starfire Protocol is gone.

The Cenotaph Mask Helmet includes a lot of possible benefits, especially when it comes to how it works with trace guns. But it can only be used by one type, which makes it much less useful overall.

In Season 21 of Destiny 2, the Cenotaph Mask Exotic Helmet had been added. It’s one of the most unique pieces of gear we’ve had in a long time.

With its skills based on trace weapons and its hard-to-match style with other fashions, it remains to be seen if it will become a popular choice or a fun yet niche option.

This guide will show you how to obtain the Cenotaph Mask, whether you’re seeking it for your existing collection or for creating a new build that focuses on the Trace Rifle.

What Is Destiny 2’s Cenotaph Mask?

Before you can learn how to get the new Exotic Warlock Helmet from Season of the Deep in Destiny 2, you must first understand what the Cenotaph Mask does.

High Priority is an unusual benefit of the Cenotaph Mask. This perk makes it so that mags on Trace Rifles that are equipped will automatically reload from stocks.

When you use a trace gun to hurt a car, boss, or champion, you mark them up as a target. When a friend helps you beat a marked enemy, you get special ammo and your friend gets heavy ammo. The Cenotaph Mask was a good rare item that I think could be useful in both PvE and PvP.

When used with the right trace rifle construct, the Cenotaph Mask might serve as a great support unusual that gives your friends heavy ammo and gives you steady trace rifle ammo. It sounds like fun, but we won’t know how good it is until we try it.

In Destiny 2, What Does The Cenotaph Mask Do?

The Cenotaph Mask represents one of the best exotics for warlocks who would like to help their team, but its description doesn’t really explain how it works in practice. “Steadily reloads some of your equipped Trace Rifle’s magazine from reserves,” its description says.

“A truck, boss, or champion is marked to be a priority target when you damage it with a trace gun that matches your type. If a friend kills a priority target with the last hit, heavy ammo will appear for that ally.”

The first Season of the Deep update changed the description to say that it work on champions as well as cars, but not on mini-bosses. It also left out the best parts of how Cenotaph Mask worked in reality.

Cenotaph Mask says in its description that it only works with types that match, but our experience shows that this effect works on any trace gun, no matter how rare or what element it is.

The description also doesn’t say that when a friend kills a marked target, the unusual weapon drops a brick of special ammunition for the person who is holding it. The tests done by the Destiny 2 community backs up these results, but it’s not clear if they were meant to be this way or are a bug.

If the statement is right, the part about “matching subclass” could make it less useful. This would be a dream come true for Divinity users, but it would require users to work on an Arc branch, which wastes support and damage potential.

Arc Warlocks don’t have one-shot supers such as Thunder-crash or Gathering Storm, so they’ll have to give up Well of Radiance and might not be able to use Chaos Reach for boss damage.

But even with that forced chemical connection, the cenotaph mask might still be useful.

Players who don’t want to employ Divinity may employ a trace rifle that fits their character and pair it with a loadout that nevertheless lets them employ Heavy or Special to hurt their opponents, like Izanagi’s Burden as well as a rocket launcher.

Because double-special loadouts are so common, players can also use a trace rifle as their main weapon and still have all their slots open for exotics or guns that do a lot of damage. Even though this means players might have to split the well from the god, the cenotaph mask remains useful.

Where Could I Get The Mask Of The Cenotaph?

The Cenotaph Mask is mostly gotten from Legend as well as Master Lost Sectors, Nightfall prizes, or a random Exotic decode. By far, the most reliable way is the first one, which is to finish Lost Sectors that are hard.

Every day, among the many forgotten sections in the system is marked with the designation “legend” or “master,” and if you complete it on your own, you might get an exotic of the type mentioned.

The first rare you get from the Lost Sector is likely to be one you don’t already have, but that’s not always the case. If the only mask you don’t have is the Cenotaph Mask, you have an excellent likelihood of getting it.

The Lost Sector shield slot and its position change every day, as well as each has different needs for challenges, champions, spikes, threats, and other changes that are unique to the activity.

There Is Additional Two Methods To Get Helmet:

The other two ways to get the Cenotaph Mask have as a chance gift from a Nightfall game or by having Master Rahool within the Tower help you decipher an unusual engram.

Note that you shouldn’t try to focus the engram because you can’t focus Season of the Deep Exotics yet, so you’ll have to rely on random chance to get one from him.


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