Where The Daily Gun Van Is And What It Has In GTA Online

Where The Daily Gun Van Is And What It Has In GTA Online:

In GTA Online, you can now go to the Gun Van. If you think that Ammunition’s or even your own Armory are charging too much for guns, you should go to the Gun Van.

Over the years, GTA Online has gone thru a lot of changes. This includes a lot of changes to the game’s material that people across the world can enjoy. The Los Santos Drug Wars DLC was the last update for GTA Online.

In GTA Online, the Gun Van is just as sketchy as it sounds. But if you don’t ask the owner where or how he got the guns, it’s an excellent spot to buy cheap guns for your illegal business.

The game world of GTA Online is always changing, so things are always going on. Players always want the newest and best guns to help them complete tasks, rob businesses, or just cause general chaos every day.

The gun van jumps into play at this point. Below, we’ll explain why it’s of such significance, where you can obtain it, as well as what you may purchase with it.

How Does The Gun Van Work?

The Gun Van serves as a shady car that players may discover in dark places like under bridges, in alleys, and beneath buildings within parking lots. Every day, the van is in a different place, and its goods change almost as often.

Every day, the van could appear in one of about 30 places, so this guide is going to be updated to tell you where you can find him every single day.

Where The Gun Van Is (4/25/2023):

There are more than 30 different places where the Gun Van can spawn, which can make it hard to search throughout the GTA Online map to locate the right one.

Players won’t have to look deeper, which is good. On April 24, the Gun Van will be at Mirror Park, which is just south of the Diamond Casino.

What’s In The Gun Van Right Now?

Every week, the guns and other items that can be bought from the Gun Van change, and sometimes some things will also be on sale. Here is a list of everything that can be bought from the van during the week.

Weapons Discount Note
Baseball Bat
Machine Pistol
Heavy Sniper
Service Carbine
Sweeper Shotgun
Proximity Mine 15%
Players will get 30% off throwables if subscribed to GTA+
Grenade 15%
Molotov 15%
Body Armor
Super Light Armor 20%
Players will get 40% off body armor if subscribed to GTA+
Light Armor 20%
Standard Armor 20%
Heavy Armor 20%
Super Heavy Armor 20%


Where To Look For The Gun Van:

In GTA Online, the gun car is marked on your screen. A picture of a car with a gun on it is the sign you are looking for. In GTA Online, the only way to find the Gun Van is to find this sign on your screen.

It’s important to remember that the weapon in the van doesn’t always stay in an identical place. The gun van will be transported the next day. In GTA Online, the Gun Van can appear in 30 different places at random. All of these places are mentioned below.

  • Paleto Bay
  • Great Ocean Highway
  • Chilian Mountain State Wilderness
  • Grape Seed
  • North Chumash
  • Alomo Sea
  • Sandy Shores
  • Grand Senora Desert
  • Harmony
  • Lago Zancudo
  • Tataviam Mountains
  • Vinewood
  • Vespucci
  • Downtown
  • Little Seoul
  • Port of South Los Santos
  • East Los Santos
  • Rockford Hills


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