When Is The Launch Date For Aliens Dark Descent?

When Is The Launch Date For Aliens Dark Descent?

Aliens: Dark Descent is an up – coming strategic action game set in the Alien universe. Players will dive into the unknown as well as fight their way through hordes of Xenomorphs.

People who want to go on another bug hunt are going to want to know when this new Alien game will come out and how they can get it. This guidance has the answers to your questions and tells you more about what the game will be like when it comes out.

Nobody is able to hear you scream in space. Whenever it involves video games, the Alien franchise has had some hits and misses, but the good ones have been wonderful.

Alien Isolation is an especially recent game that perfectly captures the tone, atmosphere, as well as sense of dread of someone being stuck on a ship inhabited by the most scary hunter in the universe.

But, just like the difference between the first and second Alien movie, the next Alien game we can look forward to seems to have less horror and more action.

When Is Aliens: The Dark Descent Going To Be Released?

Aliens: Dark Descent will come out on June 20 for the PlayStation 4 and 5, the Xbox One X, and the PC. Summer Game Fest in 2022 was the first time the game was shown off.

At the time, there wasn’t much new info about the game or what gamers could expect. The squad has since told us more about what to expect, which is good.


We don’t know when we’ll be able to fight the Xenomorph hordes, but we do know where we can. Aliens: Dark Descent will be available on almost every modern console, including the PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, as well as PC. Only the Switch isn’t on that list, but it could come to that system in the future.


The store page says that Aliens: Dark Descent is only for one player. If the control system is more like an RTS, that makes sense, but if you control a unit directly, it would be cool to be able to work with other players to control your other members. For now, though, you’ll have to do this mission on your own.


The short gameplay trailer of 2 minutes and 14 seconds shows players what to predict from the game. At the beginning of the video, there are a lot of cut scenes, but by 30 seconds in, we receive to see how the game is played.

From the video, we can tell that the gameplay in Aliens: Dark Descent will take place from the top down.

As was already said, this is a tactical, real-time, squad-based action game. Players will take on the role of a commander, who is helped by his marine squad. Their job is to find out what caused a group of Xenomorphs to rise up on the moon.

It also shows that the player as well as his group of players will move across the map as a single unit, and that commands given to the squad will go straight to the member who can best handle them.

Strategy will be a big part of the game, as well as players will be able to stop time during battles to give their squads orders. Also, the game has a feature called “permadeath,” which means that marines who die in battle are gone for good.

Players would be put on big maps where they can explore to find strategic routes and places for both main and side missions. Players can also level up their squads with special skills, custom gear, weapons, as well as other things.


Aliens: Dark Descent is not yet available for pre-ordering. But if you’re interested, you can add the game to your Wishlist on Steam’s official page. When new information comes out, we’ll be sure to post it here as well.

As your troopers level up, you will also be able to change their gear, tools, perks, as well as loadouts for different duties and circumstances, such as demolitions or battles.

You’ll fight aliens, rogue Weyland-Yutani Corporation agents, and some new creatures that haven’t been seen before in the Alien games.


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