When Does Destiny 2 Reset Every Week?

When Does Destiny 2 Reset Every Week?

Different activities in Destiny 2 will start over every week at a certain time. Obstacles in the Crucible, completing the Raid, and completing different weekly quests would then reset every week, offering you an incentive to jump back inside and engage with the game again.

Participating in the weekly challenges & activities is the most effective way of increasing your level of power if you want to run some difficult Lost Sectors in order to acquire new Exotics or jump into the Raid. Here’s all you have to know about the date that the weekly reset for Destiny 2 will take place.

If you want to get the most out of Bungie’s loot-filled shooter Destiny 2, the most important day of the week is when it resets.

Many things you can do in the game, especially those that give you high-level loot, only give you rewards once a week. Knowing when these things reset & start over is important if you want to level up and take on new challenges.

Destiny 2 Reset Time Every Week:

The Weekly Reset for Destiny 2 takes place at the time scheduled.

  1. UK: 6 PM GMT
  2. Europe: 7 PM CEST
  3. East Coast U.S.: 1 PM ET
  4. West Coast U.S.: 10 AM PT

Activities That Start Over Every Week:

  • Neomuna Weekly Campaign Mission.
  • Legacy Dungeon and Raid rotation.
  • Master Raid challenges.
  • Altar of Sorrow.
  • Nightmare Hunts.
  • Empire Hunts.
  • Eclipsed Zone on Europa.
  • Nightfalls.
  • Ascendant Challenge.
  • Dreaming City Curse Cycle.
  • Crucible Rotators.
  • Strike Singes.

When the game resets every week, new quests are also added. Throughout the season, new story & exotic quests are added to give players new loot to find. When the Weekly Reset happens, it’s time to work again on getting Powerful and Pinnacle gear.

You can only get rewards once a week, so make sure you do them before the week starts over. If you finish them but just don’t redeem them, they’ll decrypt themselves the next time you come back in after the reset, so nothing is lost.

What Time Is The Daily Reset For Destiny 2:

There will also be a “daily” reset time for certain activities, which will happen at the following times.

  1. UK: 5pm (GMT)
  2. Europe: 6pm (CET)
  3. East Coast US: 1pm (EST)
  4. West Coast US: 10am (PST)

Activities That Start Over Every Week:

  1. New Legendary and Master Lost Sector.
  2. Bounties such as from the Gunsmith, seasonal vendor, playlist and planetary vendors.
  3. Mods from the Gunsmith and Ada.
  4. New daily Eververse discounted item.
  5. Changes to Vanguard / Strike modifiers.
  6. Change to Spider’s materials useful for easy Glimmer.


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