WhatsApp would develop new apps for Windows and macOS

In order to remain competitive against its many competitors, WhatsApp is multiplying the novelties. This year, the messaging service launched a tool for transferring data between iPhone and Android smartphones, as well as a way to create encrypted backups in the cloud.

Recently, WhatsApp also launched its new multi-device feature. This allows the messaging service to be used on other devices, such as a computer or Portal screen, in addition to the user’s smartphone. If using WhatsApp on a PC, via the web version, was already possible, the new multi-device function allows this web version to be used even when the user’s smartphone is disconnected.

And obviously, WhatsApp will further improve this multi-device function by offering native applications for Windows PCs, for macOS, as well as for the iPad. These native applications should provide a better messaging experience compared to the web version that is currently available for computers.

A native application for Windows and a “universal” app for macOS and iPadOS

In an article published this week, the Wabetainfo.com site relays a discovery by a developer, @ALumia_Italia. He discovered the development of new WhatsApp applications and was even able to obtain the Windows application to install it.

This native application for PCs would use the Universal Windows Platform. Therefore, a priori, it is possible that it may even be available for Xbox consoles.

Regarding the macOS version, Wabetainfo.com indicates that it will benefit from Apple’s Catalyst technology. This allows developers to create applications that launch natively on both iPads and Macs. And since WhatsApp is already working on an iPad app for its messaging service, launching a macOS version should be a snap.

Unfortunately, at this time, we don’t yet know when the WhatsApp apps for Windows, macOS, and iPadOS will be available. But in any case, for those who use this messaging service on a daily basis, the arrival of these apps should bring a significant improvement in the experience.

In addition, by offering these apps, WhatsApp is also catching up with other messaging services which, for years, have offered apps on several platforms, but not only for Android and iOS smartphones. It should also be remembered that even when using WhatsApp’s multi-device, the message content remains end-to-end encrypted, which makes this content indecipherable when it passes through the servers.

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