WhatsApp: how to mutate notifications forever

WhatsApp now lets you turn off notifications for a conversation for life. Enough to let you breathe when these are incessant. Here’s how to do it.

WhatsApp: How to mutate conversations forever

Notifications are often abusive. Especially on WhatsApp where alerts indicating that you have received a new message can quickly pollute your daily life. Conversations between all members of a family are thus a perfect example. And for good reason, you don’t necessarily want to be constantly bothered by your aunt’s latest cat exploits. Or by a slew of photographs documenting all of your newborn cousin’s first steps.

A reality taken into account by WhatsApp, used by at least two billion people around the world. The application thus already allowed you to transfer a conversation with a recipient or a group. And this without having to leave it. Except that this mute feature only lasted for one year. After this time, the maneuver had to be repeated.

WhatsApp: the end of annoying notifications

Which is illogical to say the least. This is because if you had turned off a conversation’s notifications for a year, chances are you would have wished you had done so forever. Until now it was possible to mute by going to your smartphone’s application settings. But it deprived you of all notifications from WhatsApp.

Good news, you can now mutate a specific conversation ad vitam æternam. You have a choice of three deactivation times. Namely: eight hours, a week or for eternity. Here’s the procedure to follow :

  • Open the Whatsapp apps.
  • Then navigate to the conversation you want to mutate.
  • Open the settings (the three dots at the top right).
  • Click on Notifications in silent mode.

  • Finally, indicate how long you want to mute the conversation and click OK.

WhatsApp : comment muter conversation

Fortunately, it will always be possible to restore notifications by repeating the aforementioned maneuver. Still on the subject of conversations, you are reminded that you can read messages received on WhatsApp without read confirmation. In addition, dark mode is now available on WhatsApp. Ideal for resting your eyes and your battery.


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