WhatsApp: how to hide your private photos in the gallery

The photos you receive on WhatsApp are found in your gallery by default. But a very simple maneuver allows you to stop the automatic backup, which is very useful for snapshots that you consider private. We explain to you.

WhatsApp (free image)
WhatsApp (free image)

New features are regularly added to WhatsApp. Over the years, the application has sought to strengthen the sense of privacy of its users. With this in mind, she notably deployed the photos which self-destruct after viewing. Before that, it was already possible to no longer automatically save photos, videos and other private media in the gallery. We remind you how to do this in this tutorial.

WhatsApp: how to stop the automatic saving of all your photos

  • Open the application then click on the three small dots.

WhatsApp: disable automatic download

  • Access to Settings, section Discussions.
  • In the section Media visibility, flip the switch to the left.
  • Received media will no longer appear in your gallery.

WhatsApp: media visibility

WhatsApp: how to stop the automatic download for a particular contact

It is also possible to no longer automatically download media sent by a specific contact.

  • Launch the app and open the discussion thread with a contact.
  • Tap on their name at the top or tap on the three vertical dots at the top, right and then on Show contact.

WhatsApp: show contact

  • Press on Media visibility then check the box Non.
  • Finally press OK to validate.

WhatsApp: media visibility for a contact

  • From now on, the photos exchanged with this contact will no longer appear in the gallery.

The alternative method

Another method is to hide WhatsApp photos in gallery. It only works with Android smartphones. The trick is valid for hiding any other album or directory in the gallery. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the WhatsApp folder on your smartphone from a file manager.
  • Go to Images> WhatsApp Images then create a file titled .nomedia. Note that the period (.) Must be placed in front of nomedia.

WhatsApp : .nomedia

The system will now ignore the media in the WhatsApp directory. To display your photos again in the gallery, you will only have to delete the .nomedia file.


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