WhatsApp: how to create a sticker or sticker from a photo

It is quite possible to design your own stickers for WhatsApp using the image of your choice. Here is the procedure for creating personalized stickers. Which will surely allow you to entertain your contacts.

WhatsApp (free image)
WhatsApp (free image)

WhatsApp is full of hidden features that can make your life easier. It is also possible to use third-party applications to customize your preservations. Some allow you to create your own stickers from any image. You can easily send your WhatsApp correspondents a sticker displaying an object, your head, that of your cat or even Grogu’s pretty little face… The possibilities are obviously endless.

Ultimately, creating your own sticker will allow you to give your friends sympathetic nods to your shared experience. Or, on the contrary, you can tease them by choosing (for example) to highlight a memory that they would have preferred to forget. We explain in this tutorial how to proceed to design your WhatsApp stickers.

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WhatsApp: here’s how to create stickers

  • Start by downloading a sticker design application (Sticker.ly, Sticker Maker, Sticker Studio…). For our part, we opted for Sticker Studio.
  • Once in the app, tap the + sign and import or capture your image.

WhatsApp: how to create stickers

  • Then you are invited to edit your image by refining its shape (triangular, round, square). It’s up to you to model your sticker as you wish. Once done, validate!

Whatsapp sticker

  • A new edit page opens. You can then add text, paint and refine certain settings of your sticker as you wish. When you are finished, validate!

  • A dialog window finally invites you to save your sticker in an existing pack (or to create a new one).
  • Then enter the pack and click on “Add to WhatsApp”.

  • All you have to do is open a WhatsApp conversation and then select your fresh stickers. To do this, go to the emojis section and then click on the stickers icon.

Whatsapp stickers

  • Congratulations, you can now flood your contacts with your personalized stickers!


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