WhatsApp finally becomes a real application on Windows

If you use WhataApp, you know that it is also possible to enjoy messaging directly from your computer. For this there were two solutions so far: either go directly through WhatsApp Web from your favorite browser, or, if you are on Windows or Mac, install the official application.

The problem is that the application in question was only a way to display WhatsApp web on your computer until then. It is a webapp based on the Electron framework. This can frequently cause performance and stability issues and limits the development of WhatsApp on these platforms.

Why WhatsApp is becoming a real app on Windows and macOS

This is why WhatsApp announces a small revolution in this area. Messaging is indeed becoming a native application in Windows 10 and 11. Meta is also developing a native WhatsApp application for macOS. As the messaging explains, these native applications promise increased reliability and speed of execution.

WhatsApp explains: “WhatsApp Desktop users used to use our web-based desktop app, or our web app directly from their browser. In a constant effort to improve the user experience of WhatsApp, we are now developing Windows and macOS applications”.

WhatsApp specifies that the application is “designed and optimized for your operating system”, which also means better integration of system features and with the operating system as a whole. Finally, WhatsApp specifies that the new application allows you to continue to receive notifications and messages even when your smartphone is disconnected.

The native WhatsApp app for Windows is available now on the Microsoft Store. The design is identical to the Electron version. To log in, simply go through the WhatsApp menus from your smartphone and request pairing by QR Code. Meta clarifies that the native Mac app is still under development at this point.

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A beta version is already available via Testflight, but the stable version will not be available for several weeks. The WhatsApp beta on macOS was not accepting any new testers at the time of this writing.

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