What’s The Dares Of Eternity Loot Pool For This Week In Destiny 2?

What’s The Dares Of Eternity Loot Pool For This Week In Destiny 2?

“The Dares of Eternity” is a space game show that Xur runs in Destiny 2.

Xur usually only shows up on Fridays at a random place to trade exotic items with Guardians who find him, but in the Dares of Eternity mode, he is more active.

You and a group of six Guardians can work together to win some great rewards, which change on a regular loot table. This guide talks about the items that can be found in Destiny 2’s Dares of Eternity.

The Dares of Eternity During Bungie’s 30th anniversary, a new activity called Legendary Rotation DOF was added to the game. Dares is a 6 player game where you have to kill enemy groups to get rewards. Xur is the NPC who takes care of everything related to Dares of Eternity.

With the release of Beyond Light, a lot of the game’s content was taken away. Also, Bungie altered the world’s drop pools to include new guns, so some items were ended up losing in the galaxy.

Players seem to be fortunate, tho, because Xûr doesn’t follow mortal rules, as well as his Dares of Eternity let them get items that are no longer available.

Loot Pool for Dares of Eternity:

The types of loot you can get from the Dares of Eternity change every week, but you can get things from three different pools. On the week commencing March 14, during the Season of the Seraph, these are all the rewards you may earn by playing the Dares of Eternity game.

  1. Canis Major
  2. Chrysura Melo
  3. Contingency Plan
  4. Fractethyst
  5. Iota Draconis
  6. Legal ACtion II
  7. Outrageous Fortune
  8. Pathfinder’s Armor
  9. Scatter-horn Armor
  10. Spoiler Alert
  11. Steel Sybil Z-14
  12. Vulpecula
  13. Wolftone Draw

When you finish the Gates of Eternity, you can expect to get these sets of weapons and armor. The best rewards come from taking part in the Legend version of this activity.

You’ll be fighting against stronger enemies, but you have a better chance of getting better gear and can get Enhancement Prisms as a reward.

Also, when you reach a score of 250,000 by the end of the week, similar to the other activities in Destiny 2, you’ll get a Pinnacle gear drop. The Pinnacle reward can be earned once a week, so it resets when the week is over.

Grasp of Avarice The Dungeon was introduced during the 30th-anniversary update.
Dares of Eternity This is how you start the activity. Scoring 250,000 awards pinnacle gear.
Xur’s Treasure Hoard This is where you’ll find Xur and his Star-horse. Both of them will offer you bounties and rewards.



Collect all of Xur’s bounties. This will earn you reputation points, which can be used to get free engrams and other rewards that change with the seasons.

You can only bring one Star-horse bounty with you, so make your choice carefully. When you finish the Star-horse bounty, you will get XP and the Paraversal Haul.


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