What we know about “Project L” by Riot Forge

Last October, Riot Games unveiled a first look at their versus based on the League of Legends universe, titled “Project L”. Here’s all the information that has come to the surface about him so far.

Since the creation of Riot Forge in 2019, the universe of League of Legends has continued to expand. Nevertheless among the plethora of titles that had been teased, the mysterious Project L is by far the most anticipated.

While the first games from this label have just been released, namely Ruined King and Hextech Mayhem, a lot of information continues to surface regarding Project L.

What will the gameplay of Project L look like?

Project L is a 2.5D versus game in the same way as a game like Street Fighter V. 2.5D fighting games have 3D graphics but are played as if they were 2D.

“What I think is League of Legends players are expecting something different from this game, but in some ways is in keeping with what I think fighting game players are hoping for from this game,” Cannon had said. “Everyone wants a good game but what we’ve seen is people are really excited to see the champions of Runeterra in a whole new light.”

2.5D fighters have evolved directly from those that were in 2D in order to maintain the same style of gameplay while adapting to current performance and graphics.

The game features the classic 90 second combat. In addition, the game keeps a history of combos to indicate how many hits have been dealt to your opponents. Character-specific bars seem to indicate that special attacks and supers will be in the game.

Finally, Riot also uses its RiotDirect netcode which has reduced ping for Valorant and League of Legends.

During their update in November 2021, the developers presented in more detail the team mechanisms, based on the compositions of 2 champions that will have to be alternated to take advantage of a combo.

“This is the right foundation for building a game that rewards strategic team building and on-the-fly decision making, in addition to solid fighting fundamentals”, the developers said.

Who will be the champions present in Project L?

On the character side, a few League of Legends champions have been spotted. Among them we find Ahri, Darius, Katarina or even Jinx.

What is interesting are the multiple styles of fighting that one expects to have. While a champion like Darius would presumably have to use his ax to fight like one can find in a Soul Calibur, Ahri might only be relying on his projectiles.

Project L Riot Games developer
Riot Games

Project L appears to be a 2.5D fighting game like Street Fighter.

When will Project L be released?

In October Cannon had explained that there was still a lot of work for the project team, but they were working very hard on it.

If the alpha then seemed far away, in December Riot had registered trademark with a logo featuring the letter L crossed by a lightning bolt. Quickly, the link with Project L was made.

Unfortunately since then it had been dead calm, until the arrival in November 2021 of Arcane, which was a perfect opportunity for developers to share their progress.

If the progress made is impressive, the developers still have their work cut out for them, which suggests that Project L will not be relevant until 2023.

Project L
Riot Games

Project L is finally talking about him again

Regardless, the developers have promised that they will take stock several times over the next few months.

With so many different talents and effort going into this title, it will be interesting to see how the game progresses between now and its next debut and if it has the potential to make its mark in the fighting game market.


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