what is this “stealth look” coming to its electric cars?

This is a very marketing name, which can only arouse interest. “Stealth,” the new finish coming to Lucid won’t quite be. At least not in the literal sense of the word. In California, Tesla’s rival unveiled this new option coming in early 2023 on its electric cars. An option charged all the same 6,000 dollars… to go unnoticed.

In essence, the “stealth look” has the policy of replacing all chrome elements of the bodywork with darker, matte treatments. The result, according to the first shots, is very successful. In all, 35 components will change color. The changes are mainly visible on the front face, around the lights, and on the mirror caps. But the rims are also affected.

Each body color can receive the new treatment. An option that, remember, will still cost $6,000… a personalization boost and an additional cost that shows how much Lucid needs to drive up the profitability of each sale, while its production for 2022 is reduced. In total, only 7,000 models are expected to roll off the production line this year due to component shortages.

Lucid Motors Furtif Look

© Lucid Motors

Shareholders support Lucid Motors

Producing 7,000 in the first year of a career as a carmaker might sound respectable. Except that Lucid Motors, to finance itself, has already entered the stock market and must already be accountable. The initial objective, at 20,000 units in 2022, is drastically far.

Fortunately for the brand, the reduction in targets did not weigh much on Wall Street. Monday, August 8, Lucid Motors even gained 7% at mid-session. Its price has corrected by 30% in the last six months but the company still capitalizes more than 32 billion dollars.

Customer demand forms a survival hedge. With 37,000 reservations, shareholders know that Lucid Motors’ main problem remains the difficulty of sourcing components and that all of this could change within two years. “We continue to see strong demand for our vehicles, with over 37,000 customer reservations, and I remain confident that we will overcome these challenges in the near term”a dit Peter Raylinson, son PDG.

It won’t be too late: the Asian competition is arriving with significant capital and competitive proposals and Tesla is already announcing a new factory in Canada, in addition to having secured numerous partnerships for future years with its suppliers.


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