What Is The Password For The Abandoned Truck In Navia Bay?

What Is The Password For The Abandoned Truck In Navia Bay?

In Tower of Fantasy, if you go exploring in the alpine highlands of Navia Bay, you might find an abandoned truck with a view of the large inlet and the floating island Cetus.

Inside this truck, there is a compartment with a Supply Pod which can be looted for EXP, Gold, Navia Exploration Progress, Dark Crystals, as well as a Black Nucleus. But before you can get these valuable items, you have to figure out the password for the Electronic Lock that keeps outsiders from getting to the loot in the vehicle.

How To Open The Abandoned Truck In Navia Bay:

To find out the passcodes for the abandoned truck in the Navia Bay area of Tower of Fantasy, you need to climb on top of the compartment as well as interact with the Password Memory to get a hint for the keycode from the input backup log.

“The 1st, 2nd, & 4th digits are the same, and the 3rd digit is 0,” the memory will say. In other words, “5505,” “3033,” or “9099” could be the password for the lock. But if you start with “1101,” you’ll quickly realise that “2202” is the right password for the abandoned vehicle in Tower of Fantasy that is in Navia Bay.

Let’s say it’s hard for you to find the abandoned truck in Navia Bay. In that case, it’s easy to find by using Tower of Fantasy’s fast travel to go to the Space Rift North 7th Day Forest, which is north of the Banges Omnium Tower. Face west from the slope where the Space-rift is to see the truck coming up the hill.

Be careful, though, as a Treasure Guard & Densya would be guarding the entrance to the locked compartment. After using the code above to get the Supply Pod inside, you can find an easy-to-reach Scenic Point on the ledge to the right of the abandoned truck in Navia Bay in Tower of Fantasy. This Selga Scenic Point will help you move forward in your World Exploration in Navia.

All Codes For Electronic Locks:

In the Tower of Fantasy, there are 11 digital locks. These locks keep doors and walls of buildings, vehicles, or even security systems safe. Usually, you would have to look for special password bots that give answers to the electronic locks, but you don’t really have to do that.

All Electronic Lock Passwords:


Location Structure Coordinates Password Reward
HT201 Shelter 85, 976 1647 Supply Pod Type II


Location Structure Coordinates Password Reward
Navia Bay Abandoned Truck -537, -449 22022 Supply Pod Type I
Raincaller Island Radio Tower -758, -569 5972 Voyager Hull Quest
Raincaller Island Abandoned Truck -643, -849 3344 Supply Pod Type I

Crown Mines

Location Structure Coordinates Password Reward
Seaforth Dock Barrier 515, 773 3594 Supply Pod Type I
Crescent Shore Barrier 778, 642 1024 Supply Pod Type II
The Lumina Deconstruction Device 728, 847 7268 Gold Nucleus
Miners’ Camp Deconstruction Device 377, 247 4753 Gold Nucleus
X-7 Research Lab Security System In story mission 1103 Disabling traps


Location Structure Coordinates Password Reward
Aarniel Fortress Deconstruction Device 382, -832 8521 Gold Nucleus
Aida Base Dawn Frontier Door Code 666, -1224 7092 Access Granted


How To Get The Password:

Our list of passwords for Tower of Fantasy is all you need to get into every digital  lock. You might be wondering, though, how you can find the password on your own. Near every electronic lock, there are Passcode Memory robots that can be found nearby. These robots give hints about how to figure out the Tower of Fantasy passcode for that electronic lock.


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