what is the best affordable premium smartphone? (Comparative)

In 2022, affording a premium smartphone does not mean shedding an organ, even if it is superfluous. This does not mean that they are within everyone’s reach either. Count between 650 and 800 euros, a budget below the 1000 euros mark but nevertheless substantial.

Among the best offers of the moment, Samsung and Google are pulling the plug with the Galaxy S21 FE for the first and the Pixel 6 for the second.

By consulting the technical sheets, we realize that the two smartphones have many similarities, so some consumers will hesitate for a long time before making their choice.

To support you in your decision-making, we have therefore concocted a comparison between the Galaxy S11 FE and the Pixel 6. We’re welcome.

Galaxy S21 FE vs Pixel 6 : les prix

While they both position themselves as affordable premium smartphones, the Galaxy S21 FE and Pixel 6 are not offered at the same price.

The Samsung model starts at 759 euros (6/128 GB), that of Google at 649 euros (6/128 GB). A difference of 110 euros not negligible since it allows, the choice, to achieve a nice saving or to equip oneself with accessories such as wireless headphones for example.

This raises the question of value for money. In this little game, the two models are equal. You will see it in this comparison, the devices of Samsung and Google are very close technically.

Galaxy S21 FE vs Pixel 6: which one has the better screen?

The screens of the Galaxy S21 FE and Pixel 6 are not distinguished by their size. Both are 6.4 ” diagonal with a punched slab.

The screen technology used is also the same. The two manufacturers have chosen AMOLED, an essential in this price segment, with Full HD + definition.

The only technical criterion that could weigh on the scale is the refresh rate. It peaks at 90Hz on the Pixel 6 while the Galaxy S21 FE hits 120Hz. In both cases, the frequency is adaptive to limit power consumption.

If in use the difference in fluidity will not be visible, it is clear that Samsung has made a little extra effort.

Galaxy S21 FE victory

Performance and interface: two schools

With the Pixel 6, Google inaugurated its first in-house chip called Google Tensor. Like Apple, the American therefore masters the heart of his smartphone from A to Z. A significant asset for optimization.

Certainly, the performance differences with the Snapdragon 888 of the Galaxy S21 FE will not be noticeable in use. On the other hand, this optimization of the chip makes it possible to better control energy consumption, a weak point of Samsung smartphones compared to competitors.

On the interface side, the two brands adopt two philosophies. With One UI 4, Samsung chooses to show off with a large number of customization parameters, a largely redesigned interface compared to the basic version of Android, and a lot of pre-installed applications.

None of this at Google, which relies on a cleaner, more fluid interface, with a practical but not bulky Pixel Launcher.

It will be added that Pixel smartphones receive new Android updates first. Although Samsung is responsive, it falls short of Android’s creator level. Logic.

Pixel 6 victory

Camera: three against two

On the photo side, Samsung and Google are again adopting two very different strategies. The Korean is increasing the number of sensors to bring more versatility to its Galaxy S21 FE.

His new smartphone therefore has a triple sensor made up of a wide-angle, an ultra-wide-angle and a telephoto lens. The manufacturer has particularly highlighted the Space Zoom function for performing 30x hybrid zooms.

At Google, algorithms are king. The Pixel 6 must therefore be satisfied with two sensors with a wide-angle and an ultra-wide angle, the telephoto lens being reserved for the Pixel 6 Pro.

The Pixel 6 is therefore less versatile than its competitor but it makes up for it with the power of its digital processing and the quality of its photos. The Pixel 6 is among the top five smartphones of the year in this field, which is not the case with the Galaxy S21 FE.

Pixel 6 victory

Autonomy and recharging

galaxy a52 hands on recharge

© Lemon squeezer

We will be careful not to comment on the autonomy of the Galaxy S21 FE before completing our test. On the other hand, we can say that Samsung is struggling to rank among the benchmarks in this area, especially when its smartphones have high-end processors.

Google was also not among the good performers in the field of autonomy, to say the least. The last generation was even among the dunces.

The integration of the Google Tensor chip made it possible to optimize all this, so the Pixel 6 ranks among the best in terms of autonomy.

On the charging side, the two smartphones have the full trio of fast, wireless and reverse charging.


Galaxy S21 FE vs Pixel 6 : lequel acheter ?

Some will say that we have not addressed the design part of these two products. This is a choice on our part since we believe that aesthetics are everyone’s business. Also, some will prefer the Galaxy S21 FE, others the Pixel 6. Note that the two models are elegant, pleasant in the hand and display an excellent quality of finish.

For the rest, the Pixel 6 is in our opinion the best smartphone of the two. The Galaxy S21 FE does not demerit and is very complete for an attractive price. Still, the price of the Pixel 6 is even more aggressive.

For 110 euros less, we offer ourselves a very complete smartphone, well optimized, with a particularly neat experience.

As we said during our Pixel 6 test, Google’s latest smartphones are undoubtedly the best smartphones in the Android universe. And this Galaxy S21 FE, although very convincing, will not dethrone them.



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