What Is Destiny 2’s Nightfall Weapon This Week?

What Is Destiny 2’s Nightfall Weapon This Week?

In Destiny 2, Nightfall activities let Guardians test their skills every week. If they score over 100,000, it’s a good way to get a Pinnacle Gear engram, but the Nightfall weapon is what everyone really wants.

It’s an effective weapon to add to your collection. If you finish it on harder problems, you have such a better chance of looting the item, or you may complete it on Grandmaster mode to get an expert version. This guide shows you how to get this week’s Nightfall weapon in Destiny 2.

On higher difficulties, Nightfall’s may prove to be the most difficult things to do in Destiny 2. The good news for guardians is that they also come with rewards. At least one Nightfall weapon would be available to drop from Nightfall project completion every week.

Weapon For Nightfall:

You will be put with a tiny fireteam of 3 Guardians, and you’ll have to work with them to finish the challenge in a reasonable amount of time.

At the finish of Nightfall, your score will be higher if you beat more than one enemy in less time. There is no matchmaking for this game mode, so make sure you have several allies with you before you jump into the Nightfall.

Each week, if you clear a nightfall, you might get a weapon from the nightfall pool. In season 20, the Buzzard sidearm as well as the Swarm LMG were brought back.

Another set of modifications are coming to Hung Jury SR4’s perk pool, adding the new perk Kinetic Tremors. The season 20 weapons are the Wendigo GL3, the Militia’s Birthright, and the Mindbender’s Ambition. Here is this week’s Nightfall weapon.

What Is The Nightfall Weapon This Week:

  1. Weapon: The Militia’s Birthright
  2. Nightfall: The Arms Dealer
  3. Champions: Unstoppable, Barrier
  4. Threat: Solar
  5. Surge: Void, Strand

During Season of Defiance, The Militia’s Birthright is back as a Nightfall weapon. It has a familiar perk pool with a few small changes.

The good perks from previous seasons, like Lead From Gold, Ambitious Assassin, Slideways, Grave Robber, Auto Loading Holster, as well as Frenzy, are still there, so the main thing that might make Militia’s Birthright worth getting is pretty much the same.

As usual, you could skip farming if you already had a good Kinetic or Stasis grenade launcher. But if you’re farming Nightfalls, you might not even notice a good roll of this.

You should do Nightfall on a harder setting so you have a greater opportunity to obtain the gun at the conclusion of the battle. On the harder difficulties, like Master, there are more Champions and a change called “Attrition,” which makes all Guardians heal much more slowly.

Destiny 2: Nightfall Levels Of Difficulty:

Bungie recently talked about changes to the difficulty of both Nightfall and Light fall. There’s no longer a level called “Adept,” and the new levels of difficulty are as follows.

Hero 1770 Power
Legend 1830 Power
Master 1840 Power
Grandmaster 1840 Power

Night-falls will also hurt your level of power. Put these things.

Hero 5 Power levels.
Legend 15 Power levels.
Master 20 Power levels.
Grandmaster 25 Power levels

This means that the following are the goals for maximum effectiveness.

Hero 1765
Legend 1815
Master 1820
Grandmaster 1815


Bungie has also added a system of surges as well as threats that can make it easier for certain subclasses to do these things.

Surges boost elemental damage by 25%. In season 20, Strand will be the featured seasonal element, and Solar and Void will be the Surges that change every week. At the same time, threats will make enemies’ elemental damage 25% worse.

Overcharged weapons will also be available during Night-falls. These weapons do 25% more harm and boost kinetic damage by 25% when used by a Surging subclass. Overcharges and surge damage do not add up. The enemies are also tougher now.


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