What If: Marvel sequel reveals itself in supercharged trailer

Did you enjoy the first part of the animated series What If? To turn things up, Marvel has just unveiled a mid-season trailer that promises some hellish adventures.

What If

Marvel Studios is decidedly very prolific this year, regularly showering Disney + with new series. Besides Loki, WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, an animated series has captured the attention of subscribers. This is What If, the first episode of which aired on August 11. In this cartoon, subscribers discover alternate versions of the adventures of our favorite superheroes.

As everyone knows (or not), there are several parallel realities in the Marvel galaxy. Realities that are grouped together within the multiverse. Moreover, phase IV of the MCU develops this concept at length, as in Loki or Spider-Man: No Way Home (which will be released very soon). And the What If series also uses it extensively to revisit the history of the Avengers and their antagonists.

Marvel: What If Plays With Alternate Realities Of The Multiverse

What would have happened if Captain Carter had been the first Avenger instead of Steve Rogers? What if T’Challa had become Star-Lord instead of Black Panther? What would have been the impact of a zombie invasion on Earth? Or that of Killmonger’s rescue of Tony Stark? So many questions whose answers are given in the first part of What if.

And we are not at the end of our surprises since there are still four new episodes to watch soon. To bait the fans, Marvel has just broadcast A supercharged mid-season trailer. We see a summary of what has happened so far and some unseen images. Which seem to suggest that a continuity could be woven between the episodes (which were initially believed to be disconnected from each other).

Obviously, we will have to wait until we have seen everything to be clear about it, the teaser just giving a taste of the planned festivities. We can see Thor in particular making common cause with Evil Dr Strange or the key moment of Endgame “I am Iron Man ”. Look :


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