What Does The Minecraft Enchantments Sweeping Edge Do?

What Does The Minecraft Enchantments Sweeping Edge Do?

In Minecraft, it’s very helpful to have enchantments for your swords. If you’ve spent time gathering the materials to make a diamond or neotherite sword, you’ll want to make sure it’s enchanted so you can get the most out of it.

The Sweeping Edge enchantment is only available in the Java Edition of Minecraft. If you use your swords in a certain way, you can use it to do more damage. Here’s what the Sweeping Edge enchantment in Minecraft is and how to get it.

Does The Bedrock Edition Have The Sweeping Edge Enchantment?

No, is the short answer. You have to play the Java Edition of Minecraft to get the Sweeping Edge enchantment. This spell is not available in the Bedrock version of the game right now. Also, it’s a mark that can only be put on swords.

Sweeping Edge Enchantment Is A Type Of Magic.

One of the many enchantments in Minecraft is the Sweeping Edge Enchantment. It makes the player’s attack that sweeps do more damage. Players can only use sweeping attacks when their attack recharge meter is at 84.8% or higher while they’re either standing and still moving.

A sweeping attack won’t happen if your health is below 84.8% or if you move faster than a walk. The sweeping attack is a downward motion of the sword that usually knocks an enemy back.

What Does The The Sweeping Edge Spell Do?

With the Sweeping Edge enchantment, you can make your sword’s sweeping attacks do more damage. It can only be used on a sword, and there are three levels of it.

50/67/75% more damage is added for every level. Now, when you use a sweep attack against multiple enemies, your damage would be increased.

For a sweep attack with your sword, you only need to have it in your hand as well as attack an enemy that is on the same Y level as you. If it is at all above you, you will swing normally. If Sweeping Edge is on the item, your player is going to employ a horizontal sweep to hit enemies in front of him.

How To Locate The Sweeping Edge Charm:

The same rules apply to the Sweeping Edge enchantment as to other enchantments. So, it can be gotten in the same ways as others. There is no direct way to get an enchantment, so you’ll need some luck no matter which way you choose.

The best way to find the Sweeping Edge enchantment is to try to put it on a sword at an enchantment table.

Is Smite Better Than Sweeping Edge?

Only undead mobs can be hurt by Smite, but all mobs take more damage from Sweeping Edge.

Sweeping Edge Can Be Found:

There are a lot of places where you can find enchanted books as loot. Jungle temples as well as strongholds are the two types of buildings which may contain enchanted books with the top level of magic.

But there are 7 other types of buildings with chests that can hold enchanted books. Even though these magical books will be on different levels, here is a list of them.

  1. Pillager Outpost
  2. Woodland Mansion
  3. Mineshaft
  4. Ancient City
  5. Underwater Ruin
  6. Dungeon
  7. Desert Temple

Enchant Command For Sweeping Edge:

Sweeping Level Command
Level 1 /enchant @p sweeping 1
Level 2 /enchant @p sweeping 2
Level 3 /enchant @p sweeping 3


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