What does Netflix have in store for the month of January 2022?

As usual, Netflix unveiled the programs that join its catalog in this first month of the year. So many reasons to stay warm under a blanket one-on-one with your television.

The third season of Heart Plan, new episodes of Shaman King or a new documentary on Neymar. Here is what we will find on Netflix in January …

Series signed Netflix in January 2022

Heart Plan – Season 3

Find Elsa, Emilie and Charlotte for a third and final season! Their friendship is shaken after the revelation of the adventure of Charlotte and Max, Elsa’s ex. The characters of Heart plan will have to face new adventures to conclude the series in style. It is available on January 1, 2022.

Ozark – Season 4, Part 1

End clap also for Ozark. We’ll see the first seven episodes of the show’s final (and fourth) season starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney starting on January 21, 2022. A conclusion at the top for Ozark ? That’s all we hope …

The Woman Who Lived Across from the Girl at the Window

In addition to an extended title as we do more, Netflix has managed to titillate our curiosity with this new series in which Kristen Bell plays the main role (and we love it). Anna takes refuge in alcohol and observes the world from her living room. She sees the end of the tunnel when she meets her hot new neighbor and her adorable daughter. Until the day she witnesses a murder …

If we have everything to have an interesting thriller, this series is a parody of the Netflix movie Woman at the Window, released last May on the platform. The synopsis is (too) similar and we know Kristen Bell for less serious roles. And that explains the endless title of this series. Available on the January 28, 2022.

Other Netflix series

  • Undercover – Season 3 (January 10)
  • After Life – Season 3 (January 14)
  • Archive 81 (January 14)
  • Snowpiercer – Season 3 (from January 25)

Netflix movies of the month to watch

Absolutely Royal!

We are on a romantic comedy par excellence. Izzy styles the biggest celebrities at the wedding of a handsome prince. Obviously, the two fall for each other. But this is not reasonable. Duty or love, which of the two will triumph? Available on the January 20 on Netflix.

The Munich vice

We are in Munich in the fall of 1938. A British official and a German diplomat will join forces to prevent the impending war that is brewing in Europe. The Munich vice is inspired by the novel Munich by Robert Harris. To be found on Netflix on January the 21st.

Other Netflix films

  • Mother / Android (January 7)
  • Do we know each other or not (January 13)
  • Residential school massacre (January 22)

January documentaries on Netflix

  • The Puppet Master : Leçons de Manipulations (January 18)
  • Neymar: The Perfect Chaos (January 25)
  • Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness (January 28)

Which animes are coming to Netflix in January?

Shaman King

With only 24 episodes currently available on Netflix, Shaman King will be entitled to new episodes from January 13 next. Inspired by a classic manga published twenty years ago, Shaman King introduces us to Yoh Asakura, a shaman capable of communicating with the dead and who dreams of becoming the all-powerful Shaman King.

Dota : Dragon’s Blood – Volume 2

Davion is a famous Dragon Knight determined to get rid of the scourge that is plaguing the world. Only problem: Davion did not imagine for a single second finding himself involved in a series of events of disproportionate magnitude … Volume 2 will be available on January 18.

Our youth in orbit

Direction 2045 with Our youth in orbit. In this anime, five children (two born on the Moon and three Earthlings) do their best to survive and reach Earth after an accident on their space station. The creator, Mitsuo Iso, is known to have worked on animation behemoths like Porco Rosso, Perfect Blue or Neon Genesis Evangelion. It announces heavy. Appointment on January 28, 2022.

The films that come to enrich the catalog of Netflix

A Star is Born

Released in cinemas in October 2018, A Star is Born marked the spirits. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper make us shiver in this film which plunges us into the history of Jackson Maine, a somewhat old-fashioned country star, and Ally, a very promising singer. To (re) discover from January 1st on Netflix.

  • I Feel Good (January 1st)
  • The Exchange (January 1st)
  • Proud Mary (January 2)
  • Undercover: a true story (January 6)
  • The Front Runner (January 16)
  • Hotel Transylvania 3 (January 28)
  • Stark Trek Without Limits (January 31)

And There you go ! A little more patience to discover the Netflix novelties for January 2022. Obviously, this is only a selection of titles and we know very well that the platform has fun not revealing everything to us. What creates sacred surprises, such as in particular Squid Game. We wish you a good viewing!



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