What Are Pokémon Go’s Red Raid Eggs?

What Are Pokémon Go’s Red Raid Eggs?

In Pokémon Go, red eggs might show up in your area. You won’t always see these eggs, so don’t count on them. However, when they do show up, they can be very hard to deal with.

It takes 24 hours for these eggs to hatch, and when they do, they will contain some of the best Pokémon in the game. Here is what you need to understand about Pokémon Go’s red eggs.

When you go about your day in Pokémon GO, you may have seen red Raid Eggs show up in your Raids tab.

You probably haven’t seen one of these before, and it’s because they’re meant to be rare and offer the chance of a powerful catch.

What Are Red Raid Eggs?

These very rare red Raid Eggs are part of the new feature called Elite Raids that came out in October. They will now show up once a month and count down for 24 hours.

Trainers will also have 30 minutes after the timer stops to take full advantage of the chance to battle one of the hardest raid bosses in Pokémon GO. These are made to be much easier to work with.

Hoopa Unbound is the featured Pokémon right now for those who can’t wait to start an Elite Raid. This boss was the first one to be added in October, and it came back in November.

Trainers will now get a third chance to defeat Hoopa Unbound and win a red Raid Egg.

Red Raid Eggs How They Work:

In Pokémon Go, the red raid eggs are called Elite Raids. These challenges are some of the hardest in the game, even harder than five-star raids. These raids will have Pokémon that are very tough.

You won’t be able to ask friends who don’t live close to the Gym to help you out. Only players who are close by can be used. For this raid, you can’t get a Remote Raid Pass.

In the middle of October 2022, it was announced that Elite Raids were coming and that Hoopa Unbound would be one of the opponents.

It was the first time you could get Hoopa Unbound from something other than the Special Research you could do during the Season of Mischief.

Time Zone According To Your Area:

They will next show up in your area on March 11 at 11 a.m., 2 p.m., and 5 p.m. Regidrago will be in this.

The Pokémon in these raids have close to 20,000 health, making them stronger than any Pokémon that spawns in five-star raids. Make sure to beat it before the timer runs out so that you and your teammates can catch it.

Raid Egg FAQ:

How Would I Know An Egg Showed Up Nearby?

You will get a Push Notification that says something like “A raid is about to start near you” or something similar. Most likely, the precise quote will change before Raids comes out.

How Long Can The Egg Timer Work?

Since the Egg Timer lasts about 30 minutes, you have about the same amount of time to see the raid begin. You have one hour to beat the Boss after the Egg hatches. You can try more than once, but each try takes 5 minutes.

How Do I Join An Epic Raid?

You need either a Premium Raid Pass or a Normal Raid Pass, which you can get at any Gym. The Normal and Rare Raids and the Legendary Raids are the same, but the Pokémon in the Legendary Raids are different.

Can I Catch Legendary Pokémon In Pokémon GO?

They sure are! The base chance to catch them is 2% for Legendary Beasts, Lugia, and 3% for Legendary Birds. This makes catching them about as hard as catching a fully evolved starter Pokémon or Dragonite. Also, the following badge can be earned.

Exclusive Raid Egg Bosses:

Raid Boss

Combat Power

Raid Boss


Weather capture

Articuno 37603 1676 2095
Zapdos 42691 1902 2378
Moltres 41953 1870 3039
Raikou 42932 1913 2392
Entei 38628 1930 2412
Suicune 34471 1613 2016
Lugia 42753 2056 2570
Ho-Oh 48276 2222 2778
Kyogre 51968 2328 2910
Groudon 51968 2328 2910
Rayquaza 45468 3125 3385


Tips For A Pokemon Go Raid:

Depending on the level of the Raid, Pokemon Go Raids can be hard. Level 1 Raids are very easy, and any trainer can do them alone as long as they know which types work well together.

Level 5 & Mega Raids are where things get hard, and you need a lot of trainers to beat them. These raids can have bosses with anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 CP, and you won’t be able to finish them by yourself.

Depending on which Pokemon are in the raid pool, this is where you can catch legendary Pokemon as well as other exclusive Pokemon.

Raids at level 3 can get tricky. Raids are timed, so trainers who want to go it alone might not have any trouble taking out these Pokemon as long as they do enough damage before the time runs out. If you can get one or 2 friends and strangers to help you, these Raids can be easy.


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