What Are Minecraft Torch-Flowers?

What Are Minecraft Torch-Flowers?

Minecraft is a huge game with lots of things to do. With each new game update, there are more things to enjoy and find in the huge sandbox world. The torch-flower is a new flower that will be added in the Trails and Tales update.

This new flower has important uses, like helping to breed the latest Sniffer mob, so players are going to want to learn as much as they can about it and how to get it. This guide will cover everything we know about the torch-flower, like where to find them and what they can do.

What Is A Torch-Flower?

The torch-flower is a fresh flower that is being added to Minecraft. You can put a torch-flower seed on farmland as well as watch it grow into a full-grown flower.

This beautiful flower stands out from the others because it has a green stem, purple leaves, as well as a bulb that looks like an open fire or torch flame.


The torch-seed flower’s can be used to make two sniffers, just like you can do with many other animals in Minecraft. Once the flower is fully grown on farmland, it can be picked and replanted, or it can be turned into an orange dye that can be used on a variety of tools.

This orange dye is the same as the orange dye you already can get in the game, so you could just as easily keep your torch-flowers and get the orange dye some other way.

How To Get Torch-Flowers And Grow Them:

In the new Minecraft previews, you’ll need help from the Sniffer mob to get torch-flowers. This creature won the Mob Vote because it can find ancient plant seeds in the environment. You can then plant those seeds and grow them.

Torch-flowers aren’t like most other flowers in the game because they need time to grow. After that, you can break them, gather them, and plant them somewhere else if you want to.

How To Grow A Torch-Flower:

Once you have your seeds, you’ll need to use a gardening hoe to make a farm plot. It may be done on grass blocks & dirt, even if the dirt has roots or is rough. Once you’ve set up your farm plot, you could indeed plant the torch-flower seeds there.

Dig a hole near your farmland and fill it with water from a water bucket or any other source of water in Minecraft. You can also put your farmland near natural bodies of water, like a lake or the ocean, so that the farm plots get enough water to grow crops.

Wait until the torch-flowers are fully grown. You can also use bone meal to speed up this process if you are in a hurry. Once the flowers have grown to their full size, just break them and pick up the torch-flowers that fall.


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