Werewolf Jack Russell (Marvel) to have special Halloween content on Disney +

Marvel Studios plans to broadcast a special Halloween episode on Disney + featuring Jack Russel. In the comics, this one is none other than a powerful werewolf who relentlessly fights the criminals.

Werewolf by Night

Marvel Studios wants to make the most of the Disney + platform. And while its series Loki, Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision have seduced viewers, the production company chaired by Kevin Feige is working on a new program. According to information from The Wrap, she is thus actively looking for a Latino actor about 30 years old. This one will be showing in an episode dedicated to Halloween which will feature the character of Werewolf By Night.

But who is this ferocious werewolf who has appeared in several comics so far? This anti-hero is notably known under two different identities. In 1972, he made his first appearance in an issue of Marvel Spotlight. It then takes the features of a certain Jack Russell, originally from Transylvania. His ancestors were once struck by a curse. This causes the automatic transformation into werewolf of all their male descendants, once they have come of age.

Werewolf By Night: Jack Russel, a werewolf able to keep control

Jack is not spared and chooses to use his lycanthropic attributes and unusual physical abilities to hunt down evildoers. When he transforms into a werewolf during a full moon, he loses all his sensitivity and human intelligence. But he is also able to moult without a full moon. On this occasion, he retains control over his conscience. During his many adventures, he notably teamed up with Iron Man against the Masked Marauder and with Spider-Man against the Fairy Morgane.

Separately, Marvel also introduced a second incarnation of Werewolf By Night last year: Jake Gomez. A member of the Hopi Native American tribe, he also had to deal with a cursed family heritage, thus turning himself into a werewolf. He will then vigorously fight a pharmaceutical company which happily takes advantage of his family. While it’s likely that the Halloween content is exclusively inspired by the iconic Jack Russell, it’s also possible that it focuses on Jake Gomez instead.

We will know more about this in the coming months. And for good reason, the special Halloween episode should go into production in early 2022.



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