Well-being: reading has many benefits for mental health!

Reading a good book is good in itself. Did you know that reading has good effects on the well-being side? Especially on mental health.

Reading is in short a hobby that has many virtues in well-being. Besides the fact oflearn all kinds of things, it also allows us to boost our morale. What are the benefits of reading? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Reading is good for mental health

A good Hemmingway, a polar of Agatha Christie or even an entertaining Coelho… There is no shortage of book opportunities.

Especially sinceThere is something for every taste, and all subjects. Whether it’s fiction novels or self-help books.

It is clear that reading reduces the risk of stress for many people. A little like a meditation session or a good massage.

Combine this with a relaxing herbal tea, and things are going much better! Reading a good book can therefore stimulate the brain and help it cope with stressful situations in particular.

So health professionals could soon recommend to the French to start reading to boost their morale. In short, this would be a good alternative to traditional medication.

Also, reading would help improve math skills. Good news for all literary people who read us, isn’t it?

However, reading did more too the coast among young people. Thus, only 42% of 15-24 year olds would read outside of their studies.

On the other hand, confinement has enabled many French people to resume reading. And that was not to displease them after all!

Reassuring observation: 8 out of 10 French people have read at least one book during the year. Which should be good for their morale and well-being!

Well-being: reading has great benefits for mental health!
Well-being: reading has great benefits for mental health!

Well-being: reading promotes sleep and mental health

A study conducted by the University of Sussex – the same county as the Duke and Duchess of the same name – helped highlight the fact that reading forces us to stay alert.

Indeed, the brain is forced to focus on what is written. A good way to silence our anxieties and our mind … Without knowing it!

At the end of the day, reading soothes us and prepares us for relaxation and well-being. Especially when you want to get ready for bed.

At least that’s what develops a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic in the USA. A good book and we are ready for bed!

Adopt such a ritual, such a habit, would do good, not only to our brain, but also our body. It is still necessary to establish this well-being ritual.

To get your brain used to it, nothing’s easier. It seems that a habit gives us its positive effects after 21 days.

Indeed, 21 days is the exact number of days that it takes for our body to regenerate cells. Imposing a reading session on his evening routine is therefore not incongruous.

Far from there ! Especially since we can learn a lot of things through reading. To your books!


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