Wednesday: Tim Burton’s Netflix series finally has its release date!

“Wednesday”, Tim Burton’s long-awaited series on Netflix finally has its release date! MCE TV reveals it to you.

Tim Burton’s new series, Wednesday, will be released very soon on the Netflix platform. MCE TV reveals everything from A to Z!

The highly anticipated series on Netflix

Gray skies, dark outfits, that’s surely our fall mood. And that’s good because Wednesdaythe Tim Burton series finally has its release date ! After the first teaser released in augustit is Netflix which reveals a date to its Instagram subscribers.

As a reminder, Tim Burton’s new series, also called Wednesday, is inspired by the Addams family. But it just focuses on the mysterious character of Wednesday Addams. The latter tries to adapt to the university, where she will learn to master her powers while trying to solve murders in the city.

In the end, eight episodes will immerse us in the very particular universe of Tim Burton. Indeed, in this adaptation, the director ofs Noces Funèbres, is well and truly in his element. In the program, dark settings and very macabre characters.

In the casting of the series, Christina Ricci, the Wednesday of the 1990s, will also be there. What to give authenticity to this new version. Moreover, the filmmaker confirms it: “Previous incarnations were rather cartoonish. In this longer version, we make it more real… And I love it! »

In addition, something that should please everyone: all the episodes should be put online at once. There is no question of revealing the story bit by bit. MCE TV tells you more!

Wednesday comes out on a Wednesday

Eh yes ! Wednesday comes out on a Wednesday. November 23 to be precise. And it is this September 23, that the Instagram post of the official Netflix account confirms it to us. We will therefore have to wait another two months before we can take advantage of it.

In this same publication, the streaming platform reminds us: Tudum, the Netflix event, will take place tomorrow, Saturday 24 September. We should then expect some more info on the series Wednesday. It is referred to as “a special surprise”.

By the way, what is Tudum? Oh no! It’s not just the sound you hear when you launch Netflix.

In fact, it’s a reunion of our biggest Netflix stars, which will be streamed on YouTube to the world. A total of 145 stars from 70 different shows will be present. Just that !

On the program, videos, actors, songs, dances and laughter. Among the stars, there will be Dwanye Johnson, Chris Hemsworth, Elsa Patacky, Zack Snyder, Jennifer Lawrence, Omar Sy or Charlize Theron. And many more.

Finally, the actress who will play the character of Wednesday, Jenna Ortega, is also appeared in the series You. Although accustomed to the world of Disney in her childhood, the 19-year-old actress is turning more and more to the world of horrors.

Most recently, she signs an appearance in Scream 5, the last part of the saga. So, are you ready to shiver with pleasure? Because at MCE TV, yes.


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