we finally know the number of subscribers, and it’s a box

Why so much mystery? For some reason, Microsoft remains very discreet about the number of Game Pass subscribers, a sort of video game Netflix available for Xbox and PC players.

At the last news (in January 2021), the American still officially announced that the Xbox Game Pass had 18 million subscribers worldwide. Since then, nothing. Microsoft remains silent as the service seems to attract more and more players.

A trend which is partly explained by the arrival of the Xbox Series but also by the absence of new games optimized for next-gen consoles. At the same time, video game prices increase with each new generation, which makes the Game Pass even more interesting.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers almost doubled

If Microsoft remains discreet, others have a more loose tongue. During a round table at Wrap’s The Grill 2021, Strauss Zelnick, boss of Take-Two (GTA, Red Dead Redemption …) revealed (although no one had asked him) the current number of Xbox subscribers Game Pass.

“I think the last time we looked, there were 30 million subscribers, Phil, isn’t it? It is more or less that ?” he apostrophied Phil Spencer, boss of Xbox. The latter, embarrassed, simply smiled and recalled the official figure of 18 million subscribers announced last January. “Anyway, that’s a lot” then concluded our “François Pignon” of the day.

If this statement is confirmed, it would mean that Microsoft would have almost doubled its number of subscribers in less than a year. A great feat therefore.

It must be said that the Xbox Game Pass offer has something to seduce. The most complete package (Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) costs € 12.99 / month or € 155.98 / year, not including promotional offers. This package gives access to hundreds of unlimited “Netflix-style” games on Xbox and PC. The acquisition by Microsoft of many development studios (recently Bethesda for example) and the partnership forged with EA Play allow it to include large successful licenses.

Some games are even available for free on release day. For comparison, a next-gen console game sells for around 80 euros. And Microsoft is also preparing to reduce prices in certain regions of the world. Enough to further increase the number of subscribers?


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