Waze: Paw Patrol Puppies Now Helping You Find Your Way

It is an alternative likely to appeal to the youngest who are bored during long journeys by car. The Waze navigation application has just deployed a feature allowing you to be guided by the Paw Patrol puppies, named after the animated film recently released in theaters.

Paw Patrol comes to Waze

“Are we coming soon?” This is the endless question that many children repeat over and over again throughout your journey in the car. In a hurry to arrive, some struggle to take their pain patiently and fall into tears and cries. To avoid getting there, it is advisable to find them occupations. Aware of this reality, Waze has just deployed a new feature on its navigation application. Which now allows you to be guided by the characters of the cartoon Paw Patrol.

Released on August 11, it takes up the universe developed in the eponymous series. In the film, a group of puppies will do everything to rescue the citizens of Aventureville under the yoke of six ill-intentioned kittens. And it will therefore be possible to find them directly on Waze. Once the feature is activated, the voice indications on the state of the traffic and the path to be taken will thus be distilled by Ryder. Or the little boy who runs Paw Patrol in the animated series. He will be assisted in his task by Marshall, Chase and Stella.

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Paw Patrol Waze: a good introduction to the joys of the road

What’s more, it will also be possible to replace the usual icon of your car that appears on the screen. Instead, you will have the choice between Chase’s police car, Stella’s plane or Marshall’s fire truck. Be aware that the feature is available for a ” limited time “ and exclusively in English.

Either way, it could come in very handy to introduce your offspring to the rules of the road and the language of the Beatles. To activate it, simply go to the “My Waze” section. Then click on the banner titled “PAW Patrol”.



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