Watch out for this new scam that accuses you of child pornography

A few days ago, we mentioned on Presse-citron yet another scam, in which malicious people pretend to be the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR), to demand the payment of a contribution. But in recent weeks, another scam has invaded the mailboxes of many Internet users, telling them that they are the subject of legal proceedings for having consulted websites related to child pornography.

No, you are not summoned to the “juvenile brigade”

You have committed the offense after being targeted on the Internet, viewing child pornography video, naked photos / videos of a minor have been recorded by our cyber-policeman, and constitute evidence of your offenses“. Here is an excerpt from an email that you may have received recently, from the Bridage de Protection des Mineurs, via Europol. Something to shake more than one Internet user, the email having (almost) everything of an authentic message.

Don’t panic however, if you have nothing to reproach yourself with, this is outright yet another scam. Indeed, although the email invites the Internet user “to be heard“, You are strongly advised not to reply to the message. If necessary, contact will then be established between the scammer and the victim, and the latter may be asked to pay certain sums of money. A scam that plays on the fear of being accused of such crimes, so that some victims do not dare to tell their family or friends …

And of course, if you are guilty of an offense such as the one indicated in the email in question, it is not a simple email that you will receive, but a visit in due form. So don’t panic, this summons that you have received and that you have been wondering about for several days is totally false, you can remove it without fear, and start breathing again.


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