Warzone: You absolutely have to drop this item

A Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific expert explained why you have to ditch the Heart Sensor in Season 3.

The Heart Sensor has been a very popular item for several years in Warzone for finding opponents close to you, but Call of Duty expert JGOD thinks it’s time for you to ditch this item for something more useful.

Each new season of Warzone forces players to adapt to a new meta, especially in terms of weapons that change with various balances. Fans often take the time to try new things each season to find what works best for them based on their style of play.

AIDXN 69, Youtube / Infinity Ward

The heart sensor can locate enemies up to 50 meters away.

Perks and gear are crucial to winning in Warzone, yet many players are content to always use the same items that aren’t as effective as in previous seasons. We will mainly talk about the Heart rate sensor which is used to quickly identify targets close to you.

JGOD seriously thinks that if you’re still using this item, you should consider switching to get even more battle royale wins.

In one of his videos posted on YouTube, he begins with: “Today you will stop using the heart sensor”.

He goes on to explain that the Express Delivery perk has become almost indispensable in your Custom Classes and you don’t need it while using a Heart Sensor. It is for this reason that he advises you to take another object as a proximity mine for example.

In any case, several choices are available to you! Good luck for your next games on Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific with this little tip.


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