Warzone: The level difference will be reduced but it does not please

Raven Software, the developers of Call of Duty: Warzone, have confirmed they are going to increase the time to kill (TTK) which is making gamers furious.

The launch of Warzone Pacific was not as smooth as the developers had hoped. With glitches, glitches, bugs, and more, players quickly waited for updates to make battle royale a little less boring.

Unfortunately, the frustration among the players is still not expected to end. Raven Software studio has confirmed that they have plans to increase the Time To Kill of all weapons in Warzone by increasing the aiming time. This clearly did not please experienced players.

Call of Duty

There have been many issues with Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific in the past.

Many players have stated that this will only serve to reduce the skill gap between good players and newbies.

“As mentioned earlier, we will be reducing base aiming time on all games. This will increase the Time To Kill a little bit as aiming time should be factored into the TTK calculation. Additionally, this will give us space to consider the differences between weapon classes. ”

On Reddit, many players have stood up against this decision made by the developers.

“Raven’s plans to ‘increase TTK’ by reducing aim time is just another step in reducing the level gap between good and bad players.”

At the moment, we can’t really realize how much these changes will affect Warzone Pacific’s gameplay, although experienced players fear it will rewards static players and campers in general way too much. Only time will tell what the consequences of this Raven Software decision will be.


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