Warzone Season 6: location of bunkers, codes and more

Call of Duty: Warzone bunkers are still strewn and locked around Verdansk in Season 6. Find out where each is located.

Even though Warzone moved to Verdansk ’84 a short time ago, the bunkers remained on the map with 3 new ones that were added in Season 6. Without further ado, find out where you can access the various bunkers in this news. season.

Raven Software completely remodeled Verdansk in Season 3 of Black Ops Cold War with a 1980s theme. New towns have arrived, buildings have changed but the bunkers haven’t even changed, still locked.


Modern Warfare’s RAAL is arguably one of Warzone’s most powerful machine guns.

While some bunkers could be opened with a Red Access Card, others required a special code. The bunkers are expected to still be able to be opened, so we have all the codes and methods to get into them.

Warzone Season 6 WWII bunkers location

Location of Warzone bunkers

So there are currently 13 bunkers besides the recently added WWII bunkers.

Warzone bunker codes

North & South cemetery bunkers

  • Code (North): 87624851
  • Code (South): 97264138

Prison bunker

Warzone Prison keycode

TV station bunker

tv station location in cod warzone

Park bunker


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