Warzone Season 6: Game Settings Optimization Guide

The question of the best game parameters is recurring on FPS. Here’s why we’ve decided to share a guide for Warzone players.

Audio has always been of great importance in the various Call of Duty opuses, especially on Warzone. Being able to hear an opposing player’s footsteps, a window shatter, or a door open can easily be the difference between a win and a loss.

In order to successfully hear all these sounds, you must of course know how to concentrate and listen carefully at all times, but you still need to have the right settings!

Warzone game settings season 6

Audio settings are fundamental to spotting your opponents.

The best audio settings for Warzone

First of all, to be in the best possible conditions, it is better to use surround headphones.

Then, it is necessary to have adequate audio parameters, which make it possible to hear all the necessary sounds.

  • Audio mixing: Treble Boost
  • Volume of war music: 30%
  • Music volume: 0%
  • Volume principal : 80%
  • Dialogue volume: 50%
  • Effects volume: 100%

Most competitive gamers, whether professionals or content creators, agree that Treble Boost is the best audio setting. Footsteps, which are by far the most important detail to hear, have a high frequency while distant explosions and gunshots have a low frequency, so Treble Boost will amplify the footsteps above all else.

The point where opinions diverge is usually the volume of the music. The Warzone soundtrack is quite pleasant, but unfortunately it does not provide any competitive advantage, on the contrary.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Infinity Ward
Infinity Ward

Warzone’s graphics options are an important aspect in optimizing your game.

The best graphics settings

First, be aware that the vast majority of pro gamers use 144 hertz or higher screens. This clearly impacts visibility in a game with a TTK (time to kill) as low as Warzone.

The goal is to increase your IPS (images per second) and reduce unnecessary visuals as much as possible to make it easier to spot your enemies. It is therefore a question of deactivating all the unnecessary graphics options.

Here are the settings recommended by most pros:

  • Display mode: Full screen
  • Screen adapter: Select your graphics card
  • Screen refresh rate: Use the value closest to what you reach in-game. It all depends on your configuration.
  • Render resolution: 100.
  • V-Sync: Disabled.
  • Frame rate limit: Unlimited
  • Nvidia strengths: Disabled
  • Texture resolution: Weak
  • Anisotropic texture filter: Weak
  • Particle quality: Weak
  • Impacts and bullet sprays: Disabled
  • Tessellation: Disabled
  • Shadow map resolution: Weak
  • Hide point shadows: Disabled
  • Hide the shadows of the sun: Disabled
  • Particle lighting: Weak
  • Raytracing DirectX: Disabled
  • Ambient occlusion: Disabled
  • Screen space reflection: Disabled
  • Anti-aliasing: Deactivated
  • Depth of field: Deactivated
  • Film strength: 1
  • World Motion Blur: Deactivated
  • Weapon motion blur: Deactivated
  • Film Grain: 0

How to use NVIDIA DLSS in Warzone

NVIDIA’s DLSS (or Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology allows gamers with RTX graphics cards to see much higher FPS when playing Warzone. This technology was already available in Black Ops Cold War and it has arrived in Warzone since Season 3.

NVIDIA also notes that “DLSS harnesses the power of a deep learning neural network to increase frame rates and generate beautiful, crisp images for your games.In other words, the technology improves frame rates and provides a better overall viewing experience.

If you have an NVIDIA graphics card, enabling DLSS is easy. You can find it in the tab Post-treatment effects your graphics settings.

From there, you can set DLSS to Performance Ultra, Performance, Balance Where Quality.

If you see drops in FPS in Verdansk ’84, we recommend that you set it to Performance Ultra Where Performance. If you have a 30 series graphics card, Balance is an excellent compromise.

Microsoft / Sony

Controller settings can be subjective, but some remain objective on the competitive side.

The best controller settings on Warzone

For controllers, one of the most important things to consider in Warzone is aim assist. It is mostly used and in Standard mode. When it comes to sensitivity there is no universal setting, but it is a good balance between speed and precision.


  • Predefined commands: Tactical
  • Predefined configuration of the joysticks: By default
  • Reverse vertical view: Without
  • Horizontal sensitivity of joysticks: 4
  • Vertical sensitivity of joysticks: 4
  • Low zoom sensitivity multiplier: 1,00
  • Zoom sensitivity multiplier raised : 1,00
  • Aiming response curve type: Standard
  • Controller vibrations: Without


  • Aiming aid: Standard (for the average player) or Precision (for the more experienced)
  • Activating weapon stabilization: Aim + Melee
  • Canceling weapon stabilization : With
  • Showing: To keep
  • Equipment Parameter: To keep
  • Parameters use / reload: Contextual command
  • Automatic weapon change: With


  • Slip Parameters: To lean on
  • Auto advance. : Without
  • Deployment of the auto parachute. : With
  • Automatic sprint: Without
  • Retract the camera (vehicle): With

Optimizing your keyboard and mouse settings will certainly have the most impact on your gameplay.

Controller settings for professional players

Keeping in mind that what works for some may not be ideal for others, here is a compilation of detailed controller settings from 33 professional gamers and content creators on Warzone. Enough to have multiple avenues to explore!

However, remember to adapt them to your liking in order to be able to continue your experience in the best possible conditions.

Best keyboard and mouse settings on Warzone

These settings are combined with a DPI of around 450. While these are personal preferences and there is no definitive answer, this is a good balance between speed and precision.

  • Mouse sensitivity: 7,50
  • Mouse acceleration: 0,00
  • Mouse filtering: 0,00
  • Aim multiplier (Low zoom): 0,65
  • Aim multiplier (High zoom): 0,65
  • Target transition time: Instantaneous
  • Aiming sensitivity: Legacy
  • Mouse smoothing: Deactivated

So here are the settings that will suit most of the competitive Warzone players. However, do not hesitate to adapt them to your liking, especially when it comes to the sensitivity of your controller!

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