Warzone players want gas to no longer destroy plates

As Warzone players are constantly debating which aspects of the game should and should not be changed, the flame was once again lit when many fans requested a change so that the armor plates no longer shatter in the gas.

Since the launch of Warzone, players have constantly requested new features or changes to the Battle Royale in order to maintain a certain desire to play.

And if many subjects such as SBMM or aim-assist have been debated for months now, certain other elements of the game are unanimously criticized.

Among these elements, we can notably find the fact that the armor plates break when the players are inside the gas.

Indeed, since the release of the Battle Royale, this element is highly criticized and players still do not understand why this has remained unchanged.


For many players, armor plates shouldn’t shatter in gas.

Warzone players get annoyed that armor plates shatter in gas

A Reddit thread posted by “Ens_Shn_07” recently reignited the gas armor plate debate on the table.

He suggested that the armor plates should not shatter when players are in the gas.

And straight away, many players have totally embraced this idea. One player said in particular: “This is not an unpopular opinion at all. I totally agree“. While another added: “I’m new to the game, but I was really shocked when I found out that was the case. That does not make any sense.

If such a change were to happen to Warzone, then it would totally change the gameplay of players as the circle of the area gets smaller and smaller.

However, a major mechanic like this is unlikely to be changed, although many players are hoping that with another petition Activision will finally do something about it.


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