Warzone players slam Caldera

The players of Warzone were thrilled with their trip to the Pacific. Unfortunately many now hope that the design of the card will change after a few weeks of testing.

Towards the end of his days, Verdansk was not to everyone’s taste. Players have grown bored of its tall buildings and its color and lighting issues. So it’s no surprise that people have been eagerly awaiting the vibrant Caldera.

However, it seems that the players are already bored of it.

In essence, the center of Caldera is the highest terrain on the map along with the POI Peak. Around it are empty hills, with many denser POIs located on the outskirts. The players believe that this provision should be reversed, as it makes matches “boring”.

Caldera Warzone Pacific

Caldera finally struggles to convince the players.

Warzone players criticize Caldera’s “boring” design.

As pointed out u/stacker_4414, Caldera is repetitive, because “The middle and the end of the game are the same for each game”. As he explains, the middle of the map is “Mostly hilly and barren”. Getting there as the circle closes forces players to fight for different parts of the same bushes and mountainsides.

This contrasts with Verdansk, where a rotation to the center of the circle included paths through various POIs.

Stacker’s complaint is that while Caldera’s POIs are fun, they’re all strewn around the edges of the map and circles rarely reach them. Instead, Stacker feels “Really bored with the new card” He is not the only one.

When considering how remote POIs like Docks and Lagoon seem, it’s easy to see why players wonder why the busiest parts of the map are relegated to borders. On the other hand, Peak and the surrounding hills in the middle of the map can give the impression of emptiness.

For now, players seem to be hopeful things will change, just as Verdansk has changed over time.


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