Warzone player injects a dose of karma into a cheater

Realizing that his teammate was cheating, a Warzone player decided to take the matter into his own hands. He gave him a good dose of karma and eliminated the cheater.

Whether it’s aimbots, teleportation hacks, or players hidden under the map. It seems that third-party software is able to do everything in Warzone.

However, with the arrival of an anti-cheat to Vanguard integration, players are desperately waiting for the update.

In the meantime, some members of the community have decided to take action on their own. And this by eliminating them from matches, even if they are part of their team.


Vanguard Anti Cheat should help alleviate this cheating problem.

Warzone player crashes into helicopter to eliminate cheater

During a game of Trios, Anthony Brown was associated with another group of two. He quickly noticed that one of the players was making a lot of suspicious shots.

It didn’t take long for him to realize that one of them was cheating. So when they decided to jump in a helicopter, Anthony knew he had a chance to do justice.

While in flight, the pirate asked Anthony to take the driver’s seat so he could rain bullets on the enemies below. Gladly agreeing, Anthony immediately directed the helicopter to the nearest structure and abandoned the vehicle before it exploded.

It can be said that the cheater was not very happy to be put down. He then quickly responded with “we do not care” when Anthony accused him of cheating.

Anthony could easily have pretended not to notice the hacker and used it to his advantage to secure an easy victory.

However, he chose to do what he felt was right and eliminate the cheater to keep him from spoiling the game for the rest of the lobby.


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