Warzone Pacific: the first images of the new cities

New business cards have been added ahead of Call of Duty: Warzone, allowing us to explore the cities of the new Caldera map.

While we are already coming to the end of Season 6 of Call of Duty: Warzone on Black Ops Cold War, we will move to a new universe on Vanguard with the Caldera map that will replace Verdansk. A recent update has already given us an overview of the cities that will make up this map.

After playing for almost 2 years on Verdansk, players will have to say goodbye to him. Fortunately for them, they will then be able to discover a brand new map: Caldera.

Call of Duty

Fighter planes will now be usable on Warzone Pacific.

We once had an aerial view of Caldera, but now we have the ability to see more with new business cards that have just been added to Warzone.

“New business cards have been added to Warzone (obviously accidentally) to show certain areas of Caldera, Warzone’s new map.”

Note in your calendar that Season 1 of Vanguard will start from December 2 and that you can already enjoy it on Warzone. So don’t miss the launch of the new Caldera card which looks interesting!


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