Warzone Pacific: Avoid Development Error 896

Call of Duty: Warzone Dev 896, where the camo issue, is probably the weirdest game crash bug of all. Fortunately, while you can’t necessarily fix it, there is a very easy way to avoid it altogether.

Compared to the notorious Warzone 6039 dev error, the 896 dev error is a bit more ridiculous. While the former may require you to completely remove and reinstall the battle royale, the latter doesn’t even make you exit the app.

However, if you’re on edge about crashes (which have become particularly problematic on console), it’s worth knowing about the dev 896 error and its causes.

Basically, the crash appears to be the result of an attempt to modify the missile launchers. Especially those from Vanguard in the loadout selection screen. Here’s what to do when it happens and how to avoid it.

Lance missiles Warzone

Modifying the missile launchers is done at your own risk.

Development error 896 in Warzone: The missile launcher camouflage issue

There are four missile launchers in total in Vanguard: the M1 Bazooka, the Panzerschreck, the Panzerfaust, and the MK11.

Development error 896 appears when you try to modify any of them in your gunsmith. After clicking on the button to modify them, the game freezes briefly, returns you to the main menu and displays a “dev error 896” on your screen.

Warzone error 6034

There are plenty of errors in Warzone right now.

How to fix Warzone Developer Error 896

In short, it seems that this problem can only be fixed by the developers themselves. Nonetheless, it’s incredibly easy to avoid it – just don’t try to modify your missile launchers.

Although you won’t be able to equip your weapons with camouflage. Or stickers or charms, at least you can play the game without a problem.

The developer error is not currently listed on Raven Softwar’s Trello board. Therefore, a correction is unlikely to be at the top of their priority list.


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