Warzone Leak Reveals Arrival Of Operator And Weapons

New Warzone leaks have revealed that new Operators and weapons may be in the air for Season 2, while also teasing a potential new map.

As Warzone Season 1 draws to a close, players are looking to find out what’s in store for them next. Especially since season 2 has been postponed until February 14, while players work to correct the myriad of problems affecting the battle royale.

In the meantime, dataminers are giving players some grain to grind, painting a picture of what awaits them for this new season, including new weapons and an operator.

Warzone Season 1

Warzone Season 1 Launch Roadmap

Warzone Season 2 Leaks Continue

For the past few days, an image has been circulating on social networks, showing new operators around a new map probably based on the Alps, with new weapons in hand.

According to the dataminer who relayed this leak, the new weapons seem to be the Chauchat, a French weapon, the KG M/40, a Swedish LMG, as well as a shotgun which has not yet been identified.

With Season 2 having been delayed, players will still have to wait a while, until February 14, to get their hands on the new content.

Nevertheless, despite their enthusiasm around these multiple novelties, most hope that most of the problems currently ruining the battle royale will finally be ancient history. Suffice to say that the developers are more than ever expected at the turn by the community.


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