Warzone Elevator Bug Kills You Instantly

Although Caldera is the primary experience in Warzone, many players still prefer Rebirth Island. The map has experienced a series of issues in the past that upset the game’s balance, and a new one seems to have arisen.

It will always be extremely difficult for Raven Software to master all of the bugs in Call of Duty: Warzone. Rebirth Island appears to be the latest casualty.

The condensed map has been exposed to wall bugs in the past. Now, a new exploit affects the elevators. It allows enemy players to sneak out of the bounds of the map, camp out, and eliminate players who attempt to climb into an elevator shaft.

Warzone bug

Bugs are not uncommon in Warzone.

A bug that enrages Warzone players

Winning in Caldera and Rebirth Island is hard enough without buggy variables complicating things. But this seems to be the case now as the player discovered the hard way. u / zennlabs.

Until Raven fixes it, Rebirth players must watch out for one elevator shaft in particular. Indeed, going up there can cause instant death. In the zennlabs video, he presented his experience with this formidable feat.

After triggering the animation to get into the cage, he was mysteriously bombarded with bullets halfway through. A constant stream of incendiary ammo resulted in the player’s death before they even had a chance to get out of the wire animation.

One of the comments simply criticized the player for abusing the bug, saying: “What kind of loser uses a glitch to camp out in the elevator shaft… PILLAGE ???”

While these issues can appear in Warzone, they don’t tend to stick around for too long. So it’s highly likely that Raven will correct this exploit very quickly.


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