Warzone community creates horrifying new weapon

A fan of Warzone found a clever way to turn a negative point into a positive point. Drawing inspiration from all the frustrations of the Numbers event of Season 5, he came up with a horrific new equipment idea, but perfect for de-stressing.

The Season 5 Numbers event was not particularly liked by most players. Some found it boring and unimaginative, others said the volume was way too loud.

Instead of suffering in silence and turning down the volume, one player took the lead and began to think. If the Numbers event is unintentionally boring, and some in-game equipment is intentionally oppressive, there is an opportunity for synergy.

CoD riot shield lancer de grenade Activision

Stun Grenades are one of the most widely used tactical weapons in Warzone.

A Warzone fan turns the Numbers event into in-game gear.

Speler showcased his new concept on Reddit through a simple headline: “I Have Scary Ideas: Introducing Grenada Numbers.”

Thousands of upvotes and hundreds of comments later, it’s clear the pomegranate struck a chord.

As the description of the in-game equipment indicates, the Numbers Grenade would work like its namesake: “Mute the enemy with a guy who repeats random numbers and blurs his vision with a bunch of Matrix-style shit we found in a corner.”

So here is in all its glory, the ultimate way to troll your opponents in Warzone.

And for those who are bothered by the idea and the event in general, Speler added a hilarious little touch. Indeed, the QR code on the grenade redirects you directly to a titled page: “How to deal with your emotions when hearing loss”.


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