Warzone cheaters complain that there are too many

While Warzone players still rage about the ubiquity of in-game cheaters, they were taken aback by comments from a cheat site, in which a self-proclaimed cheater complained that there were too many cheaters on Verdansk.

Having to deal with the pervasiveness of cheaters is unfortunately the daily lot of Warzone players, and has been for some time.

The situation has grown to such proportions that a good number of players have decided to pack their bags, determined to try their luck elsewhere, while the others hope that the new anti-cheat will alleviate the problem.

Warzone Operator falls into the void

Cheaters have been present on Warzone since the launch of the game.

While waiting for the arrival of RICOCHET, day after day players continue to face opponents who use and abuse aimbots and wallhacks to secure an easy victory, but they do not always succeed.

Too many cheaters on Warzone even for cheaters?

While cheaters are still ubiquitous in Verdansk, the situation becomes untenable for Warzone players, but also apparently for some cheaters who fail to succeed despite their hack arsenal.

In a post on Reddit, now deleted, a player shared a forum post on a cheat site in which a player thanked the people behind the website and asked if they could get a hack that shows others cheaters in Warzone.

The reason ? “We run into so many other hacks that go too far”, he said to explain his request.

Internet users reacted strongly to the publication, indignant at such a request. “Imagine complaining about a problem and not realizing that the problem is you”, said one of them.

Faced with such effervescence, one can only hope that the arrival of RICOCHET on the battle royale should fix the situation, especially given the last adjustments made by Activision.


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