Warzone cheat exposed live live

A Call of Duty: Warzone cheater attempted to defend himself against live charges. Unfortunately for him he exposed his hacks in a ridiculous way.

The internet has been around long enough that people know how hyperlinks work. When you haven’t visited a site, it’s usually blue. When you have already visited a site, its color turns purple.

Therealgiooo has been accused of cheating in Warzone. But when someone mentioned the hack reselling website, he was feigning innocence. Claiming that he didn’t know what the accusers were talking about, he decided to type the name on Google during his stream.

Once the search results were displayed… the page, along with its “Warzone”, “Forum” and “Buy” links were all purple. He immediately changed screens, but not before viewers noticed and showed the internet his stupid mistake.

Viral TikTok shows Warzone hacker exposing his hacks in a stupid way

As you can see in the clip, Gio is accused of hacking and decides to walk away. Someone mentions the cheat site where one can get the “Magnetic sight” he was using, to which he replies: “You said EngineOwning ‘what is this?”.

Then he continued, claiming he didn’t know what the EO site was. A moment later, looking for it online, the site appears on Google and all of its links are purple. Gio then lets out a priceless “oh” and changes screens.

As of now, the video has been viewed almost a million times on TikTok.

In response to this whole situation, Gio seems to have a new course of action. According to his discord, he would intend to “Toasting the routers of the accusers” and use bots to report their Twitch channels.

For those who think the accusations are baseless, despite the purple links, others have pointed to his CoD stats. His CoD Tracker shows he went from an impressive 3.2 K / D to a monstrous 10.09 K / D with 50% accuracy on headshots.


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