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Warzone: a perfect LTM to mount your weapons

Although it has received the most mixed reception, there is currently no better place in Warzone to improve your weapons than the limited time mode Operation Monarch.

As Warzone Pacific Season 3 has just opened its doors, players have been treated to new weapons. Currently, Warzone offers more than 150 weapons and among this large arsenal, a large number of them are viable.

As the meta is constantly changing, it’s not always easy to be up to date, so players are always on the lookout for good plans to level up their weapons quickly.

Most players would recommend Rebirth Island, Plunder, or Clash to do this, but Warzone’s all-new limited-time mode is the perfect place to upgrade your weapons while earning free rewards in the process.

Operation Monarch an unexpected ally on Warzone

With its mechanics, doubled weapon XP, and titans dominating the map, Warzone’s Operation Monarch offers a wealth of opportunities to upgrade its weapons.

By far the best time to earn a ton of weaponry XP is during the Titan Frenzy event, where Warzone players are tasked with dealing as much damage as possible to Kong as well as Godzilla.

Operation Monarch also has mechanics that provide a lot more opportunity for gunfights, allowing weapons to be upgraded.


Operation Monarch may not be unanimous, but the LTM is not without interest.

Alternatively, one of the best strategies for upgrading weapons is to roam the map completing Contracts, which is also doable in Season 3’s new limited-time mode.

Many players have shared their disappointment with Operation Monarch, which they believe does not live up to what was teased, but it is not to be overlooked.

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