Warzone: a connection glitch gives easy kills

A new glitch in Call of Duty: Warzone leaves players stranded in the air, making them easy targets for their opponents.

Since its launch in March 2020, we have seen many bugs and glitches of all kinds on Warzone. We’ve just discovered a new one that completely freezes outdoor players. Their opponents can therefore enjoy free eliminations without making any effort.

Some bugs directly affect the game like some players who can jump as far as Superman or another who can give you a win while an opponent is still craving, but this bug is quite one of a kind.


The Warzone meta is constantly evolving with each new update to the game.

The most frustrating glitches are surely those concerning your FPS or your connection. This new bug completely traps outdoor players, leaving with a significant disadvantage early in the game when they spawn.

A Reddit user was using the Kar98k in Warzone’s Loot mode when he spotted an enemy stuck in the sky. His parachute was suspended but he could not move.

“Why is this normal? I feel bad for them, really ”

In this case, the player stuck in the air clearly cannot do anything to defend himself other than patiently waiting to be eliminated. Some reported that this bug had happened to them before when they had no connection problem, they were just stuck in the sky.

We don’t really know if this is a glitch or a connection issue but we hope that this bug does not reach you and that the developers can take care of it in time.


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