want to send a gift to a friend? No more need for an address!

Are you in a generous mood and want to surprise a loved one by sending them a gift? However, if you don’t know (or no longer know) your friend’s home address, the surprise becomes more complicated. And asking her would make her fall squarely into the water. So what to do?

From this Monday, October 4, 2021, Amazon offers a solution to your problem. Indeed, Amazon Prime members can now send a gift without needing to know the delivery address. Only a phone number or email address is required.

Amazon, partner of your surprise gifts

Thanks to this brand new feature of the Amazon Shopping application, you will no longer have an excuse not to give gifts to your loved ones. Enough to give way to the generosity of Amazon Prime members.

Knowing the address of your loved ones is overdone. Today you can send go to Amazon and send a gift just with a phone number or email address.

A feature that reminds us, among other things, of the Interflora initiative. Since 2019 already, it is possible to send a bouquet of flowers just with the Twitter username of your loved one. But you could already bet on the phone number or the email address.

It was therefore time that Amazon, king of e-commerce, also got down to it. And it couldn’t be easier. Indeed, once your gift has been chosen and placed in your basket, specify that it is a gift and choose the option “Let the recipient enter their address”. All you have to do is provide the person’s phone number or e-mail address, pay and the case is settled.

Or almost… Once you have validated the order, your loved one will receive an e-mail or an SMS (depending on what you have provided, of course). He can then accept -or refuse- your gesture and indicate its delivery address.

And if he’s not a fan of the gift you’ve chosen, he can even exchange it for a gift card. This, without you even being aware of it. Yes, we can’t hit the nail on the head every time… After all, it’s the intention that counts!

Be careful though: the recipient must also have an Amazon account. But he doesn’t have to be a Prime member. It’s already that.

This new feature is available in the United States for the moment but it should not be long in pointing the tip of its nose here. With the end of the year celebrations coming up, that would make sense at least.

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