WandaVision: Marvel Studios wins its first Emmy Awards

While the main Emmy Awards will take place in a few days, prizes have already been awarded this weekend. And Marvel Studios pocketed three statuettes for its WandaVision series.

WandaVision Disney +
WandaVision Disney +

WandaVision kicked off Phase 4 of the MCU with flying colors. Broadcast on Disney +, the series won over viewers for its gripping and original plot, straddling the superheroic genre and sitcoms. Devastated by Vision’s death, Wanda refuses to accept reality and decides to make an alternate universe where she can spend happy days with her lover. To do this, she puts the people of Westview under control by controlling their minds. But reality will eventually catch up with her.

The series has in any case allowed Marvel Studios to win its first Emmy Awards. As a reminder, the 2021 edition (which will reward the best television content) will take place on September 19. But like every year, some categories in the creative arts are awarded a little ahead of time at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. WandaVision thus won trois Emmy Awards :

  • Best Fantasy / Sci-Fi Costumes
  • Best scenery
  • Best Original Music (“Agatha All Along”, episode 7)

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WandaVision: a slew of statuettes coming to Marvel Studios?

The work of production designer Mark Worthington particularly hit the mark. Which is not a surprise as the evolving sets of the series have been neat. And for good reason, they had a preponderant importance in the plot of WandaVision, the alternate universe of Wanda having constantly to evolve over the episodes.

Nominated 23 times, WandaVision has a good chance of winning other awards at the main ceremony. Interpreter of Wanda, Elizabeth Olsen is thus likely to win the Emmy for best actress. Paul Bettany, who plays Vision, could receive the Emmy for best actor.

If these are the first Emmy won by Marvel Studios, remember that the late Marvel Television had already been honored in 2016 thanks to its series Jessica Jones. Broadcast on Netflix, it had won a statuette thanks to its musical theme.



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