The Voice of NASA George Diller Retires

The Longest Serving Commentator of the NASA launch missions, Mr. George Diller has now finally retired after 37 years of service. He is also a Sarasota Resident of the space shuttle program’s return to the flight in 2005.

George Diller rotated his career from the voice of the space shuttle program and served as the launch of the commentator of the NASA television. His last commentary given was at the final space shuttle mission with the launch of Atlantis, and even at the launch of Hubble space and Telescope in the year 1990.

George Diller
George Diller

George Diller was also a native Floridian who grew up in the Sarasota, he holds a degree in communication and business administration from the University of South Florida in Tampa, prior to working in the NASA, George Diller spent almost 11 years of his life working in a radio show for broadcasting at Stations in clear water, Tampa and also orlando.

There is a video tribute that is giving to George Diller and in this video the NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Director Bob Cabana noted that he directly served to the NASA for only 33 years and for about 4 years he served as a contractor which also included the last shuttle.

Bob Cabana said that the whole NASA team was going to miss his golden voice and his commentary during every next mission, he was and will always be an irreplaceable and important part of the NASA.

George Diller was very happy and said that it was very delightful for him to work at the so many different spacecraft and payloads and also the different destinations while some of them were interplanetary.

Diller had not only mastered in giving away the commentary for the space launches and the spacecraft, he also served as the liaison to the NASA – KSC weather office and also the United States Air Force 45th Squadron and the National Weather service.

According to NASA, George Diller was prominently known for his smooth and calm delivery and he was the one who waited for hurricanes as this was a part of the NASA’s Ride out Team and this was also a source for a space journalists.

During a launch there are so many things that almost everyone is packed and confused, giving a commentary on that day is so tough, but one of the best things about George Diller is that he knows his stuff and he still knows his stuff.

He is one of his kind, he always knew how the speak and what has to be spoken even at times when few of the scientists were unaware of the complete details.

The day after his retirement Diller got his well-deserved vacation that he was totally unavailable to give away any comment.

you can take a boy out of the launch but cannot take the launch out of the boy” Diller feels that he is going to be like this after his retirement.

He is a real fan of the NASA space launch also a true contributor!


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